Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Thinking of Them

Ana terlihat bbrapa 'wakil' dari perumahan anak yatim mminta derma disekitar pasar dan kompleks beli-belah.
Timbul bbrapa persoalan dbenak fikiran ana.

"Macam mana blh tertubuh perumahan tu pd mulanya kalau akhirnye tpaksa mminta derma kat pasar2?"
"Adakah mminta derma satu2nye sumber kewangan yg tbaik? Ana xpnah lg nmpk wakil2 perumahan anak yatim non-Muslim minta derma mcm tu."

Dengan itu, ana mnguatkan lg niat n tekad,

"I must change their fate!
Not to help them, but to guide them to help themselves!"

Ukhwah Fillah

Salamalaikum, kawan2 n sahabat2 n saudara-saudari sume!
Kat cni adalah ana nk coret skit ttg summary tazkirah pagi td.


Erti Ukhwah:
[kepekaan] dan [keserasian]

Kalau nak tau, hubungan kita dgn:
Allah = shalat
Nabi = shalawat
Saudara = shilat

Shilat ar-Rahiim:
-mrupakan nama Allah yg dpinjamkn kpd manusia.
-Rahiim ibu, tmpt yg pnuh kasih sayang.

Pakej Ukhwah, iaitu kperluan utk dptkn Ukhwah:
1. Ilmu
2. Tindakan:- [senyum],[salam],[ziarah],[hadiah],[doa]
3. Hasil = Halawatul Iman

Simple je. Ada pape pandangan len atau psoalan, mari kongsi ye.
Salam taufiq wannajah!

Ragam2 Solat 2#

Ana solat Jumaat d Putrajaya hari ni!!
Ingatkn nk g kat masjid besi tu, tp kat sana susah nk cari parking. So, kami g kat surau seksyen mana ntah.
Kat situ, fuh!
Ada aircond. Carpet. N benda yg ana rasa masjid besi pun xde, LCD utk khutbah! Woooh! Gempak bai!!
Tu first time sejak bbrapa kurun ni ana dgr khutbah tanpa tido+ focus jiddan+salin pe yg dia sampaikn. Slideshow dia warna-warni.
Bilal tua tp suara lunak mcm bdk 18tahun.
Imam muda tp suara macho mcm bapak org (mmg dh jd bapak org kot?hehe) mendayu plak tu.
Lps solat, ana tpikir. Agak2 kalau sume solat Jumaat mcm ni, ada bantuan visual dgn pakej imam n bilal suara sedap, mesti scarce jumlah org yg tido masa khutbah kan? Tmbh plak, sume interested nk dgr+tgk khutbah tsebut. Ye dak?

Ragam2 Solat

Beberapa adegan di kala solat yg mesti dibaca!! haha

Minggu lepas, ana g Taiping. Saja, jalan2. Ari tu Jumaat, so ana g solat kat masjid (nk solat mana lg kan?)
Dpndekkan cter, imam tu baca surah2nye sedaaap sgt. Mendayu. Tatkala abis je dia baca Al-Fatihah, makmum selalunye akan sambut dgn Amiin. Ttibe kan, ada plak sorang mamat ni AAAMIIIIINNN!!!! giler kuat, satu masjid tu bgema dgn suara dia je! Tkejut gak ana masa tu, tganggu kekhusyukkan ana.
Slps solat tu, ana tpikir. Cian orang2 kat masjid ni. Bayangkan stiap masa solat bgema suara mamat td dgn AMIIN dia tu, sape xtkjut. Hadoii...

Semasa bsedia nk solat Zuhr di TEET!, ana dok tcegat kat saf dpn ni ha. Sblh ana ada la sorg pakcik ni. Dari mula iqamat smpi la imam dh angkat takbir, dia xgak rapatkan saf dgn ana ni. Besar jiddan plak tu ruang antara kami ni. Ana pun dgn rasa tsentuh skit, panggil adik comel kat saf blkg mai isi tempat kosong tu.
Abis cter.
Pnuh gak saf.
Slps solat, ana tpikir. Kalau dlm solat pun xnk rapatkan saf, cne la idup dia tu nk rapat dgn manusia jalinan ukhwahnye.
ps:-mungkin ana kne gak pakai deodorant Izan skit n minyak atar Hafidz, bg wangi badan.

Tgh ana bsgera nk tunaikan solat Zuhr slps benchwork yg penat-jiddan-nk-pengsan, ana nmpk xde sape dlm surau utk bjemaah kcuali sorg pakcik. Ana tap dia lalu solat. Nk djadikan cter, dtg plak 2 org; sorg pakcik dgn sorg pmuda nk bjemaah gak. Xpasal2 diorg buat satu lg jemaah btul2 kat sblh kami ni ha.
Abis je solat, ana dok phati je diorg.
"Ni bkn member GMi ni. Kalau x, ana dh lama bantai dgn workpiece ni ha."
Tuptup dtg bbrapa org lg nk solat gak n ana nmpk yg 2 org td tu nk solat jamak plak. Ok r. Yg baru dtg ni nk join, ttibe pmuda ni ckp,
"Kami nk solat jamak ni."
Yg baru dtg ni, kononnye mcm paham2 je situasi tu, trus g buat jemaah len. Konklusinye, ada dua jemaah dlm surau tu masa Zuhr.
Lps tu, ana tpikir. Agaknye kalau diorg skali bjemaah je xleh ke? Kalaupun ada org yg masbuk dlm solat, sdgkan dia xcukup rakaat, dia bangun gak nk cukupkn.

Banyak lg ragam2 solat yg ana nmpk+nk cter, tp kita buat episod len ek.
Wassalam. =p

Tensile Force (ni bkn fizik ye)

I still remember the time when I first had this emotion tensile stress, and thereafter.

When i was in the KP force,

5-6 months of sufferings,

is too much for me.

Somehow, I did manage to make my life as terrible as possible during that period, by...

...flunking out my debating career in PPM (and a bit of effect in UIAM)...

...destroying almost all of my exam results, even in English...

...ruining my personal health...

...making my room as dirty, untidy and disoriented as I can for a day in a week...

...and most dis-pleasingly, not smiling.

Verdamm! Das ist sehr ungesund für mich und euch!

Ok. So that was then.

After a couple of months of recuperation, I finally got myself over a new leaf; with new energy, new attitude, new vision, a new ME.



I guess, it was kinda hard at first, but I went through a series of self-reflection, repentance, and not to forget simultaneous (learnt this word from hawa) question-answering session with 'myself'.

*malas nk tulis byk2 sbnrnye, lgpun xbyk masa ni, kwn nyer laptop*

Alles in allem wünsche ich über alle, "Stay Strong!! Keep standing!! InnAllaha Ma'ana!!"


Malaysia's crime rate is on the rise. And with that, Malaysia's Gov has resolved a solution by...
Showing of force?

For the past few weeks upon returning home at Kelana Jaya, I cannot help but notice soooo many 'blues'; Police.
Showing of force, that's what my dad said. And my question was, why? What's the purpose, and is it effective?
My dad said, it hastens the authority (police, fire fighters, yadda3) to arrive on the scene / doing their job.
Although I feel that it is kind of a 'not-bad-kinda-solution', which acts as a hindrance for the criminals to show their hands, but I feel that this way is certainly giving more 'not-good' effects than the good ones. How?

1. It curbs the problem on the surface, but it doesn't prevent it from the root. I mean, c'mon, hindrance? How lame is that? Just avoid the 'noticeable' authorities, thats all. lolx
*something I learnt from the novel by Anthony Horowitz; Alex Rider the series, when it is easier to be noticed, it is also easier to be avoided*
2. It has the potential of giving the wrong perception to the comunity. Hello~we're talking bout the future generation here! By the status quo, we're actually giving them this message "to fight fire is by using fire" and also this "be an angel by day, and a devil by night, aka a hypocrite".
3. Pity those policemen for working outside their proper office, doing all those unnecessary around-the-clock-boring-sitting-by-the-sideroads.

Lets think bout it guys, coz we are next in line to take over this matter.

Deaths bring Messages

What have I learnt today?

Last 2 weeks, my friend's father passed away due to heart failure.

Not long after that, my other friend's father passed away due to accident.

A few days later, my Ustazah's father passed away in peace.

Last week, my friend's mom died.

This week, a daughter of one of the GMi's staff died falling down a sixth floor apartment.

The next day, a GMi student died due to Dengue.

Haven't I learnt?

My time can be anytime.
It can be anywhere, anyway.

Am I prepared for it?

Are you?

Or so I'm asked

Location: GMi
Time: 1650; Friday; 6 Nov 09

I was sitting at the usual cafe for my benchwork break. With me were 2 non-muslim friends, J and S. We were talking craps when we unexpectedly came to a very interesting topic (for me).

J : Hey, Muhammad. If 2 girls like u; say, 1 is an open girl and another is a holy girl, which will u choose as ur wife?
I : Open? Holy? Wha?
S : What he means is 1 is free hair and sexy, and another is pious.
I : Oooh....
J : So, what's ur pick?
S : Surely u'll choose the pious one rite? *smiling sideways*
I : Hmm, there r 2 possibilities. 1, choose the pious one, 2, choose the open one.
S : Or maybe u'll choose both eh? Rakus la u... *lolx*
I : Haha. First choice surely the pious one,...
S : (cut in) Y is it u must wear those things covering ur body?
I : Oh, the hijab. Ok. Try looking at this angle. The girls put the hijab on bcoz the parts that they have to cover is meant for...
S : (cut in) The husbands. Oooh...
I : Yeah, ur right. And another thing is, when u put them on, it signifies that u have values, bcoz it is not to be seen by just anyone. So, if u have let others see these body parts, then u consider urself free aka valueless. Hence, if ur a husband, would u choose the ones with values or the ones without?
S : Yeeeaaaah.... Makes sense, dude.
I : But, if ur able to change people to realise their self-value, that is just super rite?
S : Yeah, sure is.
J : U r so easily influenced, S. lolx

Continue with hilarious conversation.

They were interested, and I kinda, like, help them see the beauty of Islamic practices. Not to say I'm excellent in that field, but I did my best. Any more concrete opinions, feel free to include here. Ur comments r free bcoz they're priceless, not valueless. haha

1. Ana xmampu update 2blog demi tujuan yg sama;
2. Ana sedar ramai yg sukar follow/update blog masing2;
3. Ana nk lbh organised...

Maka dgn sukacitanya ingin ana maklumkan bahawa blog ini akan digunakan utk menyalurkan informasi dan ceritera menarik semata, bukannya novel perjalanan hidup ana.
Utk mendapatkan update ttg diari hidup ana, antum blh la mletakkan link antum dlm komentar post ni utk ana bg link.
(I don't open my diary to anyone, so you must ask {sorta...})

Terima kasih sahabat2 serta kawan2 atas keprihatinan antum.


Dalam post kali ini, sukacitanya ana nak bawa beberapa persoalan untuk kita beri pandangan sama.

1. Apakah tujuan sebenar hidup kita, dan apakah yang benar2 kita kejar dalam hidup ini?

2. Apakah kita yang perlukan Islam, atau Islam perlukan kita?

3. Ayat Allah dalam surah adDzaariyaat; "dan sesungguhnya Aku tidak menciptakan jin dan manusia itu melainkan untuk mengabdikan diri kepada-Ku". Tapi kalau sekiranya ayat dia berbunyi begini; " dan sesungguhnya Aku menciptakan jin dan manusia itu adalah untuk mengabdikan diri kepada-Ku", agak2 ada beza ke atau tak? Kenapa?

Sila komen untuk melontarkan hujah dan pendapat. Jazaakallahu khaira.


I just got something hard hitting my head lately:

1. That I finally gotta accept my blog is so not as oftenly visited as before. But u know what? I dont care, coz I write to express and inform, not to wait for comments (although it reflects whether we got interactions or not huhu)
2. I direly need a pair of sports shoes or I'm gonna suffer the pain due to friction with the floor when playing badminton n on the rough grass when playing rugby.
3. Jeans aren't so bad (1st impression is sooooooo strong u know!)
4. I have people, MANY of them, putting high hopes on me. They believed, so, I must believe as well.
5. ......I'm too bored and out of points to write anything else. Ciao!

Outing Openhouse

10 October 2009

Starting early in the morning, me and two friends, Amanina and Syuhada set off towards KISAS to update on their conditions. We met our stayer comrades, Pn Haznah and even Makcik Bertuah (forgot her name huhu)
Then, we went to Afuza's house in Cheras. You know what, we spent 3hours on the road, LOST!!! trying to find her house! Finally, we found it juuuuuuust before I dozed off (in her house of course for 5mins after late lunch)
At that time, it was 4pm and I thought its quite late, but I called Farah, and she said "We're open till tomorrow morning, Muhammad!!" So, we heaved our heavy bellies off the comfortable chairs and drove to Farah's house. Its quite easier bcoz her house is somewhere the place I got lost previously (although it did take almost 40min huhu) She forced me to eat more and more and I'm too polite to say no, so, I ate. But not before I forced her to eat as well! haha
As if I'm the only one with thin posture here!!
By the time we got back to my house, it was 7.15pm. Time for Maghrib prayers.
Tak ada apa2 nak tulis sebenarnya, tapi sebab nak hilangkan rasa gatal di tangan yang tak habis2 ini, terpaksalah tulis juga sedikit sebanyak.

Ana sekarang dalam proses 'mengembangkan sayap' dan bersedia untuk 'terbang'.
Mari bersama menuju ke langit tinggi!!



Suddenly last night, I was thinking back about my friends. How I first knew them. I chuckled to myself, cried, stared into the night, felt so....*unable to translate to words*
Here are some friends I'm thinking of (not included those I knew from my same schools):

-A guy from RMC. During HELP Debate, he approached me and asked about Aqil Kamaruddin (he's in the same competition with Aqil before). And during the ICRC Debate in UiTM this year, I got teamed up with him. What a coincidence!!
*now in Jordan

-A friend from MRSM Pendang. While I was queuing up to get lunch in IIUM Debate 07 (it was a loooong line), I tegur this girl queuing in front of me. From that point till we reached our seats, we had a good conversation.
*now in Matrix Gopeng

Amir Azfar
-After got beaten by his team from RMC in the 4th round of IIUM Debate 08, he became quite friendly with my team from KISAS. Me, being quite warm-hearted, started a good friendship with him.
*currently in UM

-During our SPM trial fever, I brought my Handy to my hostel (duh, bocor rahsia!) Then, a friend of mine used it to contact his friend I know not but I made a hypothesis I know that person. So, I tried contacting with that friend of his. Proved me wrong bcoz I dunno her yet. But through a series of conversations, we became friends. From SAM 10.
*now in a university not known to me (sorry...huhu)

-He adjudicated me during a round in the ICRC Debate this year! Then in IMU Debate this year as well in August, we debated against each other. My personal debate trainer.
*currently my senior in UiTM

-Met while I was going to the Bookfair this year at PWTC. She was with Afuza that time. Then, when I was in KLIA accompanying my friends to Middle East, she was there. Also from SAM 10.
*now in UiTM Kuantan

- A debater from STAR. Really awesome speaker. We met during IIUM Debate 08 (I didnt debate against his team that year) and we got closer since IIUM Debate 09 (we were trainers of our own schools' teams)
*currently in UiTM Penang

-From SHAMS. She first SMSed me and claimed she has a relative from KISAS. (that explains where she got my number) Now in form5. Well, never met but still friends through the phone.

-I was sharing a room with him during the ICRC Debate this year. He's a judge. Quite a nice fellow, simple and cool.
*now a senior in UTP

Mohammad Kamal
-He's from SMS Seremban (SASER). A debater, and I knew him when my school's Prefectorial Board came to his school. We exchanged experience about debates mostly but turns out we didn't meet for a battle in the IIUM Debate 08.
*now I've lost contact with him

I'm still in touch with them all (except Kamal, too bad). Well, isn't friendships weird, unique and unexpected?

Solat nih.......

Beberapa perkara yang ingin ana selitkan dalam post ini:


Solat Sunat
Ana dh smpi kampung d Batu Gajah. Solat Sunat Raya d masjid sana. Smentara nk tunggu solatnye, ana solat sunat Dhuha jap. Masa tu masjid sdg sparuh pnuh dgn jemaah n ana ni dok kat saf ke3 hadapan. Ada sorang pakcik ni tgh solat sunat gak kat saf dpn ana. Sedang solat tu, ada la sorang lg pakcik ni bjalan melalui saf2 utk kutip wang derma. Smpi je kat pakcik yg solat kat dpn ana tu, dia thenti. Pastu dia pun lalu blkg pakcik tu (kira respek kat org tgh solatla). Bila dia tgk ana pun thg solat gak, dia thenti lg. Ana ingatkan dia nk pusing blkg ana gak. Ttibe, dia men lalu je dpn ana. What the...??!!
*spanjang ari tu, ana tpikir je, diorg ni ada ke tdetik dlm minda diorg membezakan taraf atau kualiti solat org mengikut umurnye? adakah sbb ana ni remaja maka diorg blh lalu dpn ana masa ana solat?*

Takbir Raya
Ada kaitan gak dgn solat ni.
Pd hari yg sama, slps selesai takbir, imamnye p dpn n terangkan pasal cara solat sunat raya. Ttibe je, dia p duduk blk n sambung takbir. Huh? Excuse. Dah bdiri kat dpn, ttibe nk duduk smata-mata nk takbir skali lg je, then bdiri utk solat?
*bkn ana nk kata xleh takbir. tp jelas drpd situasi tu, pak imam tu dh sedia nk mengimami solat dh pun, dh bdiri, makmum pun sume dh pasang gear 1 nk jln, ttibe dia duduk utk takbir. bkn byk pun, skali je. guano ni?*

~This is Me~

Selamat sejahtera
Peace be upon you
Guten Tag

A post to do something I rarely do, to tell people abit of myself. I guess it's worth a shot to do something as a change.

I'm very passionate with my relationships (kins n society members) but I don't think I show it visibly or say so. please correct me if im wrong, dear friends
Hence, I always make sure others get the privilege of anything before I do. And I always worry of others when something isn't working out as planned for example. Also, I do always keep in touch with my friends bcoz y'all are my friends. I'm not very warm, but I'm loyal to say so myself.

Being diabolic and creating new theories n plans are my traits too. For anything I encounter in life, I always like to think of ways to improvise things. For example, I've thought of a way to dunk a ball in basketball eventhough we can't reach it (I dah boleh reach sbnrnye,hahaha), and it doesn't cost you excessive energy. And also a technique to score in 3sec in a basketball game from end to the other end of the court. Oh, and I used the word 'diabolic' for a certain reason which I can't tell here. Confront me later to know why OK.

I'm quiet. But, if you see me anytime being animated, yeah, I'm animated too. Bcoz I know what I'm excited for. If there's nothing to be excited about, I'm just the quiet ol' me.
This relates with my other characteristic, which is devoted. When I'm into something, I really devote myself for it. Organising an event for example, or maybe camping out.

Lastly, I like sharing, except one thing I won't share. My problems. Its true that friends are there to help us out, to lend a crying shoulder blablabla, but I stick to my principle, that is,
Everyone has their own problems. So, if I tell share my problems (which I think is not related with them) then I'm burdening others of something non of their business.

Now, since I'm exposed, I assume y'all can make preassumptions about me, or more known as making first impressions with more accuracy.
Relationships is a very large world to be explored. However, Life is an Open Secret. Explore.

ps: Do give building comments if you find something bothering you in this post.

[ bye kawan2 sume! ]


Terima kasih
Thank you

{ it's me! }


Peace be upon you, fellow readers.

In this post, I would like to make us all to sit and think for a moment about the Life. It's also known as 'thought-provoking'.

Situation 1:
I was sitting by myself after 'Asr prayer in my room today, when I suddenly caught a glimpse of my A-levels Books and my Quran. At that instance, my mind began to ponder;

"I have 24 hours in a day. To complete 1 juzu' recitation of the Quran, I need about an hour. Prayers of 5 times a day including the Dzikr takes only another hour. I sleep for 5-6 hours a day. And there's another 16 hours for study and everyday life-routine. To think that I have allocated only 2 hours for Allah, and still I'm complaining! What a fool I am!"

Situation 2:
Last Thursday was like a day off. No class at all except for 2hours of Physics!! But when I looked back at my books, there're still so many assignments to be done and I was left dumbfounded without much idea how to solve all those mathematical problems, coz I'm not so good in maths. Then I thought of something;

"I've been facing the same ol maths for 11 years. What is it that hinders me from understanding it well? Is it my ignorance towards it, or my way of accepting it? Has the quality of kiasu and sexism played a role in this?"

Situation 3:
Yesterday, I was downright stressed with something. So, I look up blogs and read some. Then, it came to me;

"For so long I've never believed in good friends, and quite a few years I've been holding on to this principle of not sharing my burden with others as to not to burden them instead. And, I also have been suppressing any anger, not voicing it out to anyone since I'm in Year 3. I don't want to hurt others. But, now I've heard from my friend saying my face shows my emotion. It gets red all over. Then, I remembered my close friend had said that it doesn't hurt to share our feelings with friends, not to burden them, but to lessen our depression. It gives us hope that we are still appreciated, and, we need to voice out our anger in a controlled state to correct someone's mistake, not to hurt them. So now, where am I?"

3 situation I'm putting forward. So, maybe a bit of thinking would do us good?

Going Under

Just stopping by to clean up my blog from dust, network cobwebs, and rubbish.
Oh, two things.



To make a change in life,...

To create @ find our so-called true identity,...

To expand our influence,...

To face bigger obstacles,...

It's not easy. And I guess I learnt that from the hard way.

A few questions though;

Being too honest. Good?

Being too helpful and nice to others. Good?

Being happy-go-lucky person as much as we can so as to make the world a brighter place to live in. Good?

Being too generous. Good?

Being too optimistic. Good?

Maybe most of you have heard these Qs hordes of times before. Sorry to resurface this back up again.
So , please give me feedbacks with elaborations. I don't really like one-liner statements.
Its kinda important for documentation, if you ask me.

ps: sori kwn2 kalau aku xfollow blog korg sgt skrg. aku jarang dpt masa utk online.

Reuniting 3 in 1

This is the story of three events synchronized into one.....

First event : KISAS Reunion

Mai pekena sat buah2 ni~!
Dah lamo ambo xdapek suap kawan ni~~mmMM

Bilik kenangan C303

Second event : INTEC-KISAS Reunion

Tulang belakang majlis ni


Syaimak memberi ucapan

Furqon yg masih pegang rekod manusia tertinggi dia.. (tp dh berisi skit)

ex-KU/TKU yg masih setia dgn baju prepnye...

Aku dh lama xpegang kpala dia ni. Usap skit...

Weh, jangan pergi dlu! Ana xmasuk gambo lg!!

Third event : KMS-GMI Reunion

Ni sume yg dari KMS; Aqil, Alia, Nabihah n Kak Aisyah bersama adiknya, Alia

Aqil blanja Dominoes sempena reunion kecilan ni. Thanks Aqil!!

Moga kita dapat melaksanakan lagi reunion seumpama ini insyaAllah...

ps:-Whoever wants extra pics to grab, do send your requests to me (limited to INTEC-KISAS n KISAS reunion only)

A Day on Friday 7th

With Allah, things are never gonna be a coincidence.

Today I went to KL Sentral and KLCC.
To make it simple, I'll just story the things that is concerned here.

I went to KLCC, met with Nur Hazirah Nordin with her friend.
Then, I went to Friday prayer there and I met Izzuddin my cousin.
Then, I got to see a really BIG FAN of Baihaqi and Abdullah Hafidz, Liyana.

Things I've learnt today:
1. went to KL Sentral; never have known the place to buy intercities tickets if I haven't accompany my friend there.
2. went to KLCC; never would've known how long I've not been there if I haven't got lost trying to find my friend there (chose a place outside the KLCC perimeter, very good....)

And after getting home, I taught my 2 cousins AddMaths about Circular Measure. Never would've known AddMaths was that easy!!

Hahaha, meaning to say I wasn't that smart before, aye?


Cant help it....

I liked...


Wanna stay close to....

But, I can't...

Don't wanna do so....

Is the feeling inside me taking me to the right path?....

Am I into the right person?....

Can this person really be my soulmate?....

Right choice? Right action? Right time?


Guten morgen!

Wie geht es Ihre?

Danke, gut.

Und Sie?

Meine Name ist Muhammad bin Zulkarnain.

Ich bin achzehn Jahre alt.

Ich komme aus Selangor, aus Petaling Jaya.

Meine Telefonnumer ist null eins drei siebenundsechzig siebzig siebzig funf.

Ja, ich bin Student von Beruf.

Auf Wiedersehen.

Bis bald.


I gotta keep tryin'...

"There's always gonna be another mountain...
I'm always gonna wanna make it move...
Always gonna be an uphill battle...
Sometimes I gotta have to lose...
Ain't about how fast I get there...
Ain't about what's waitin on the other side...
It's the climb..."

Feeling bad, feeling down,

what makes it different

is what i do after it.

am i gonna stand there and wait

or am i gonna make the change?

i'm still me

i'm still living...breathing...

the risks im facing

the chances im taking

sumtimes they knock me down


no, im not breaking!

Short Notice

Peace be upon y'all.

Wie geht es alles?
Ich bin Ruhe und Glucklich, alhamdulillah.

Ana cuma nak sampaikan kata2 yg kurg best utk didengari, wahai sahabat2 sume.

Ana kat GMi ni sorg je Kisasian.

Ana risau xdpt nk bwk tarbiyah yg sepatutnya.

Ana xsertai PPI (Persatuan Pemuda Islam) kat cni. Sebab? Ana nk tukar mindset (kononnye la..) org len yg bknnye org yg dlm persatuan je blh gerak. Yela, bayangkan, skit2 bila ada dakwah ke aktiviti ke, bila ditanya, saya under PPI. Bunyi mcm org PPI je kne buat keje tu sume.

Kat cni pun, ana rasa susah jiddan nk kekalkan tarbiyah ana. Solat lambat, musollek, dok melangut je, Quran pun skit je pegang.

Sume ni menggugat keimanan.

Ya Allah, bantulah aku ini menghadapi cabaran hidup di GMi dan di luar.

ps:- Utk sume sahabat2, ana rasa ana dh berubah. bkn lg Muhammad yg antum kenal dlu. Sejarah perlu dibiarkan di belakang, kita perlu gerak ke depan, mengorak satu lembaran legasi baru. InsyaAllah, jumpa lg masa akan dtg. Rindu sume!

Bis bald.

Chemist in Progress

Mass Spectrum of Elements

I'm sitting in my room at the tenth floor doing nothing.
Suddenly, my tummy gave me a boost of inspiration to go and eat

I need to go out, so the door opened and I dashed to the lift
(door opened=acceleration)

Quickly, I searched for gerai Bro on the right wing of GMI hostel and head there
(setting direction=deflection)

I reached there and straightaway ordered a plate of nasi goreng pattaya and a glass of cold blackurrant juice
(reaching checkpoint=detection)

Different people (isotopes) wants to eat at different places (identity of isotopes)
So, the amount of people at the checkpoints, gerai is
Relative Abundance

Altogether, by calculating them, we'll get the average relative atomic mass of the substance.

Average = [(%xRAM) + (%xRAM) + (%xRAM)] / 100

RAM is also known as Ar.

My first lesson in Chemistry lab. Physical Chemistry.

Minds on Fire? Chill~

Peace be upon you, folks!
Now's the time where most students are gonna get all tingling and shaking, coz their exams (disregarding trial or exact exams) are just around the bends. Besides that, most of us who just passed this extraordinary phenomenon are facing a good time in Universities. And there are still some debates to be debated.

Hence, here are some tips and techniques to get yourselves perked up.
It's applicable for anything, I swear.

Wanna make someone else buy your talks or ideas?
Here's something!
Look into different angles. How to do it?
Ask questions. Observe. Draw n imagine the future of your ideas. How good is it? To whom is it good? Yadda3...

Think your head is ready for the "thing" you're about to tackle?
Make it personal and be ready physically and mentally.
Change your mindsets and make preps.

1. Two things you desired, but only one you can take/buy.
2. A problem to be solved, and there are many proposals in your hand. Which is to be implied?
Try making a simple comparison on it; the pros and cons.
The most effective way is to include a time line in your comparison.
Will the benefit last forever?
It brings a negative effect, but will there be a long-term positive effect after it?
If it brings both good and bad,will the benefits be significant enough to cover the negativeness?
Some questions you might consider to ponder.

Every path will lead to two ends; success and failure.
There will be nothing in between.
Then, someone questioned me, "What if there is?"
With a smile, allow me to explain the situation.
Our life will always be full of choice, so we will choose. Each choice will lead to different directions. In the end, it's either we fail or succeed based on our main objectives.
If we achieve it, yes we got it. If we don't, we don't get it.
It's all based on our objectives.
So, choose your ways wisely so there will not be regrets.

When you like something but someone else is against it, you will retort back in whatever way just to defend your belief, right?
So, why not put yourself in that person's position and find all the reasons possible to make you dislike what you liked. This is a very good practice when you're in a situation where you're to support something that you don't.
(especially in debates)

An easy and enjoyable way to get your brains moving is to keep putting those stuffs that are bothering you into your conversation, anywhere, anytime!
Discuss and get opinions so you'll get broader views and perceptions.
And it is a friendlier environment too, with friends.

It's good to be optimistic!!
Rather than think bad, try think positive all the time and see the difference.
It's fun, enjoyable, less head-cracking and soothing.

Now, for those who can't seem to adapt to any of these, try this final plan, and this is the final resort, mind you!
It is called, and I quote,
"Let's get up close and see what's gonna happen."
Sounds cool and mysterious isn't it? Haha
You'll be surprised just how mysterious and surprising it can be once you try it.

These few tips and techniques can be applied in any fields imaginable.
I actually focus on debaters in this section, but these techniques are applicable in any fields like I said before. Study, exams, leisure, decision-making, you name it.
Enjoy the thrill!!

Accident in the Eyes

Have you ever seen a driverless vehicle in motion on the road before? Here's a news for you all.

I was there to witness this extraordinary incident today, 30 June 09.
I was in my Kancil waiting in line to pick up my sister from school. It was 6.45pm and the road was full of cars.
Beside the school, there was a T-junction and I was exactly about to enter the intersection part.
Then, out of nowhere, a bus rolled down the road. The driver's door was open, and all of us can see that there was NO driver and it was doing about 30 km/h. Few students were in it and gaped, horrified. It was heading straight into the junction!
Without warning, it rammed into the Kelisa at the intersection, bounced back, and rammed into it again, which caused it to bump against an Alfredo.
Every witness there were screaming and pointing fingers to the scene. Panic started to rise.
Just at that moment, the driver showed up and took control of the bus.
It was quite a mess. The three vehicle owner took into their heads to solve the incident there and then, so they all parked aside to debate bout it.

And to think I was a car away from that Kelisa! How close!

The lessons I can unearth from this incident are:

1. NEVER leave your car purring unattended.
2. NEVER leave your car in Neutral mode on a slanting surface, unless you're really REALLY sure you are in full control over it.
3. ALWAYS beware of and study the behavior and attitude of other drivers around you. Take precautions.
4. ALWAYS put on your seatbelt.
5. NEVER play or make drastic movements in the car. You're not ready to brace yourself if anything happens.
6. PRAY (doa) directly after you enter the car, whether you're a passenger or the driver.

Drive safe, lives saved.


"Sesungguhnya Allah menyukai orang-orang yang berperang di jalanNya dalam barisan yang teratur seakan-akan mereka seperti suatu bangunan yang tersusun kukuh."
{as-Shaff : 4}

We're all familiar with this verse.

Sometimes, we don't always look at the meanings but carry on reading.
That's why having a Quran with translations are beneficial.

Here are what I learnt out of this verse, from observations, thinking and sermons:

1. we must straighten our saf in our prayers like building blocks arranged firm and strong.
2. we must strategise our work so that it is more structured and neatly arranged, easier to be executed.
3. we must be disciplined in every aspect as this is a crucial asset to gain excellency.

Imagine a building~
built with bricks; jagged and patched here and there.
Is it solid to you?
Is it mighty?
Is it nice to see?

I may be wrong or vice versa, so please correct me if I am.
After all, we're all humans here.

-Thinking is Blissful-

Promo Diri~ lalala....

Peace be upon you, my friends.

Last Wednesday,

I went to KISAS to give a small dainty speech regarding our beloved juniors' essay-writing.

It was FUN!!

At first, I thought I might've, u know, throw up due to nervousness, or stammer,

but it went well alhamdulillah.

Da juniors were all very nice and inquisitive.

They asked many questions
(according to miss Rajesh, it's a golden opportunity for them to see da writer of da essays they've received, haha)

I gave my speech to 510 and 408.

Miss Rajesh wants me to do another speech, BIGGER this time, in front of da WHOLE batch!!


Guess I came at a perfect time to promote myself, haha

*Factual Magics*

Did you know?
A fact that is crucial...




and holistically state-of-the-art?

Within ourselves, there are two entities that can promise us results that we don't even expect.
They are

is the things that we DO well naturally.
is the things that we LIKE to do naturally.

All of us have talents. All of us have motivation.
By actually combining these two, the results will be unexpectedly supreme.
It is what we call

For example,
Amber is talented in speaking.
His motivation is debating.
He goes around sparking conversation with anyone; friends or strangers, about many things as easy as snapping your finger.
That is what happens when he converges his talent of speaking with his motivation of debating.
A natural thing he likes to do and he does it well without anyone telling to do so.

do you get the concept here?
Its easy isn't it?

So, for your future, look for your motivated talents' ideal place to fit in ie your ideal future career.
Making a step does take you to a thousand destination.

My Hobby n Passion

Nothing much.
Just wanna share some of my drawings during my leisure time.

If theres any comments regarding the picture, or something else,
give it up.
Don't be shy with me.
I'm surely not gonna "eat" ya.

(maafla kalau gambar xclear sgt)

Humanitarian Law against ME?! No Way!

12-14 June 2009
UiTM Shah Alam

A debate i was very eager to participate but don't have any clue actually bout it, i mean,

The answers came shortly after that.

Friday after breakfast, i drove my Kancil to Shah Alam and arrived at the scene in an hour's time.
All is well. My teammates, as usual;
Nafeesa, and my newly known friend, Ulya from RMC.
Our team's name is INTEC 1
At first, my intuition told me its gonna be an inter varsity debate between Malaysian's Unis, but i was wrong.
NUS (National University of Singapore), Ateneo from Phillipines, Somalia, and a team from Thailand!!


Good thing there's a team from RMC (2 form5 n 1 form4 students), or else we'll be the only youngest participant there.

So after our Friday prayers, began the first round.
Its a dream come true! ive always dreamt of debating against them, and now i got the chance to debate against
bro Faiz, bro Zamir and sis Zaimah

But we lost and it was a clear debate, which means the gap score is really far.
Second debate that afternoon against UiTM 4.
This round was really interesting, coz there were many giggles and excitement in our speeches.
But we lost anyway. Still, i saw myself altering there and it boosted my motivation BIG TIME.

That night, i checked-in at INTECMA Resort (Naf n Ulya stays in INTEC). i was told i will be sharing a room with an adjudecator from UTP, Kong.
As i got into the lift (my room is 4th floor), a woman got in as well and we got off at the 4th floor. As i turned to my room's direction, she made a quizzical face.
Me : sumthing wrong, miss? Saphira: what is ur room number? Me : 542A. wats ur room number? Saphira: 542B. Me : huh?! we cant b in the same room are we? Saphira: i dunno. lets see. Checking... Saphira: uh-oh. same room, i guess. Me : oh (fidgetting nervously). ok. Then, Kong opened the door and showed us there is two separate rooms, A n B. "And we're supposed to share the house with HER?!" heart-speaking. That was really my first and i will say my last time staying in a house with a woman! What an experience! But, we seldom meet in the house, so we didnt actually felt it.

Next day, another debate awaits.
i waited for my teammates to arrive.
when it was 8.15am, i was worried. And i was so perplexed to find out that Ulya got stuck in his room! That delayed them!

3rd round
INTEC1 vs UiTM Tganu1
It got more fun and i actually became soOO animated coz i could actually synchronize with the rush of euphoria coursing through my veins!!!
And we WON!! Alhamdulillah!!!

4th round
INTEC1 vs UiTM 2
Over my 3 years in debating, this is the FIRST time ever i got blank. 4min 56sec, that's short! All bcoz i dunno wat the H**L the motion was about:
THBT Mahendra Rajapaksa and General Sarrath Fonseka should be Charged for Crime of Genocide
Do you know what the adjudecator adviced me to? Just put crap into my speech, keep speaking!
And in this final prelim round, i was abit demotivated but i did my best.
INTEC1 vs UiTM Tganu1 (again!)
Here, we lost to them coz we obviously lack information.

With 1win n 4lost, we definitely wont break for the quarterfinals. So, no need to come next day, Naf n Ulya concluded.
After that 5th round, both of them got back to INTEC, leaving me alone.... (But, so did the RMC students, leaving only 1 of them,Syed Sadiq to hang out with me)

That night, there was a BBQ dinner. We were supposed to socialize, but since i was the youngest around, i felt alienated. Syed was there for awhile and then he disappeared. Then i was really alone. i chatted with the HELP team i knew for awhile, and sat by myself. Suddenly, Ikmal, the UiTM Tganu debater approached me, pulled me into his group, and boy! was i socializing! Credits to Ikmal for that. i made new friends, Farah (uitm mlaka), Azrul (iium), Afiq (iium), Arun, Kong (UTP), Sofea (iium), Serphy (Bangladesh), Sarah, Saphira (uitm penang) and afew i forgot to get their names. Since i was the youngest and they noticed my Lego on my KISAS ELS bag, i quickly got into the spotlight. Hahaha! (Mcm budak kecik rasanya, tp ana xbape kisah) After the dinner, all of us are invited to a party at the resort. But, you all can imagine a party beside the pool at 11.00pm. i didnt go. No way! That night, i chatted a bit with my housemates before turning in on the cozy bed in my chilly room. It was 12.00am when i closed my eyes.
Next day, i stayed for the quarterfinals. Must watch NUS (Singapore) coz for your information, Singaporeans are involved in debates since primary schools. So, you can predict just how advanced they are.
Anyway, on that day, i was alone again coz my teammates dont wanna come and Syed was nowhere.

Got home after 12.00pm coz im going to my auntie's house with my family.
Before closing, here's the breaking team for the finals (u dont wanna know who're the quarterfinalists im sure):
King George V (KGV) vs IIUM 1
KGV is a secondary school (sekolah menengah)

Lessons that ive learnt throughout the competition are:
1. U'll never get anywhere if u lack of knowledge. Keep updated and reading!
2. Wanna know what's the use of socializing? It prevents u from being alone!

3. Now i know how lonely it is to drive in a car. I rather ride a bike and now i really appreciate it.

4. If you had to be under one roof with a woman but u dont want to, keep urself to urself!

5. Synchronizing ur thoughts with ur teammates is a crucial element in teamwork. Takes time.

6. Ever question the time when ur ready for sumthing? U gotta b saying "BRING IT ON!" no matter what it is.

7. Never underestimate or overestimate others.
8. 'Tipu sunat' exists in certain circumstances.

9. Have faith in everything and everyone.

[D=Decisive,E=Evaluation,B=Bring it on,A=Attractive,T=Teamwork,E=Engaging}

A Camera's Last Service......

It's a very depressing moment that day (forgotten what day was that).
Our camera broke!!! Wuhuuuuu!!!
It suddenly became blank and not functioning.
Till now, there's no camera in the house, so no images to be uploaded for now. huhu.....

Engagement Confusion?!

Here, I want to share a cheeky moment with everyone.

Last Tuesday, my whole family went to Jitra, Kedah, to attend an engagement by the bride's party (meminang le lbh kurg)
Before going there, my cousin, who is the groom himself wants to borrow my purple sampin to match with the theme color chosen by the bride. He only has white baju Melayu to go with it. That's fine, I guess.
All of us need to wear baju Melayu and baju kurung respectively.
And all our clothes went into the bags.
Too bad I didn't notice my baju Melayu that went in as well.

That evening, I prepared our clothes for that night (the event is taking place that night), ironing the clothes, yadda3....
As I searched for my baju Melayu...wah!
"Not a big deal" I monologued. Or is it? hehe

That night....
"Everyone's here."
We arrived at the bride's house.
"So, who's the groom?" a pakcik asked.
They were all abit confused as I was wearing a purple baju Melayu with purple sampin while my cousin was wearing a white baju Melayu with purple sampin.
And we are both of the same height!!
It took us a while to clear the confusion. Only the bride and her parents know which one of us are which.
Throughout the ceremony and the feast, I was kinda given the awkward glances by everybody.

After the feast, it's time to go back home to our homestay.
A makcik approached my mom to shake hands, and she said,
"Ingatkan dia (me) ni yang lakinye... dah ada calon ke?"
Amboooi, madam! Do I look old enough to have a candidate already?!!
But at least it went well.
It's not me about to be engaged, its my cousin!!

Next day, before departing home, I went to visit Amirul Asyraf's mom at her Butik.
Abby, his younger sister, doesn't recognize me anymore. huhu
Bought a few clothes too there. Very nice and affordable.

Well, a trip has passed. Now, isn't that memorable?

Kejutan Membara - PeLiK

Hari ni, 25hb Mei 2009, Isnin, kul 12.00 tgh hari
Ana sdg layan lagu kat pejabat ayah....
Ttibe, 'Aisyah, adik ana, dtg jerit kata ttg ana dpt surat cinta.
"Pe ke halnye ni?" ana bingung.
Masa tu, mak ana dtg bg ana surat.

Ana tgk, lalu menjerit!! WaaAAaaA!!!

Surat dari PLKN utk menyertai PLKN siri 6 kumpulan 3!!!
Ana pun baca sikit, pastu tgelak guling atas kerusi. Nape?
Sebab ye ye je kata blh lepas drpd masuk, tp tgk PLKN lg awal! Hahahahahaha!!!
Maut ana nk g benda ni!
Kan senang masuk awal2 je ari tu....
Abis GMI ana. kena tangguh 2 bulan. huhu....

xpela, apapun yg ana masuk, ana janji,
Inni akhafullah.
Jihad fi sabiilillah.

Sahabat2 sume, doakan ana dok sana jd insan yg istiqamah ye dlm biah solehah.
Sblm apa2 tjadi kat ana,
ana nk ckp skit...

Ana sayang antum sume sbg kawan2 ana.
Mak ayah, adik2, jaga diri. I LUV U ALL.

Ana dpt kat Kuala Pilah, N9.
16 jun - 5 september

ps:- ssape yg dok dkt tu slalu la dtg lwt ana ye. tenkiu.


Beberapa gambar yang ana ingin kongsikan bersama.
Santapan mata serta rohani setia.
Moga terhibur dan terkesan belaka.

Ya! Everyone is their own leader!

Pesanan untuk para daie dan diri ana sendiri...

Juga bagi kita yang nak muhasabah diri...semua kriteria ini dah diisi ke?

Putus asa? Fikirlah kembali

Cinta Hakiki daripada Si Dia yang Ter'Special'!

Ingatlah, mengapa lidah ada satu saja, tiada pasangan?

Ana terasa bahagia pula....(warna dia, mesej dia, terasa plak sebab pernah terjadi dulu...pengalaman)

Ini yang penting sekali!!! Jangan rasa senang nak dapat INI!!

Moga gambar2 ini memberi suntikan menggiankan kepada semua.
Jaga lah diri ya.
"Sahabat yang baik ialah mereka yang sentiasa melakukan kebaikan kepada sahabatnya"
-Imam Ahmad-

Nahrung; Essen für alle

Peace be upon us all!
In this episode, we'll learn about conversation in eating mode.

What do you like to eat/drink?
=Was möchten Sie essen/trinken?

I'm hungry!
=Ich bin hungrig!

I'm full.
=Ich bin voller.

I would like to eat...
=Ich möchte essen...

Gravy (kari)
Spaghetti (mi)
=Reis (Gebratener reis= nasi goreng)
=Saft (apfelsaft=apple juice, litschi-saft=lychee juice, orangensaft=orange juice)

Ok, thats it for now.
We won't get to stuff all the info into our head. So, one at a time...
Have a nice day!
Sie zu einem späteren Zeitpunkt erneut!

TaG of A bOrEd bOy~

I'm still bored, friends......
So, i guess i wanna try and put up a tag here.
It'll burden me, but its better than nothin, aye?

1st question:
whats d difference between creative and innovative?

creative=thinking of miscellaneous ways to fly (nk g wak kanang, CC, etc).
innovative=trying new ways of escaping liqa' almulk.

2nd question:
which one r u and whats the proof?

em...i rather b a creative person.
i wanna find excuses in every set of rules to escape from it. (in Malay, we call it loyar buruk...huhu)

3rd question:
what r ur 5 best activities in life n y?

debating {it causes my adrenaline 2 surge throughout my body!! euphoria attack!!}
outing with friends doing great things {its d opposite of boring}
study things with pics n colors {pics n colors make my mind engaged with the story~}
hugging a person + ruffling a person's hair {aaaaahhh~ bliss~~so soothing....}
flirting (in a good way!!) {got frenz through this way u know! its networking, dont get it all wrong!!}

4th question:
whats in ur mind now?

am i really destined 2 b unique?

5th question:
what r u gonna do if ur almost dead bored?

cook n eat, if u succeed its gonna b a pleasure. if its a failure, at least uve just made a mess in the kitchen n get 2 clean it up.
find someone to suffer ur boredom as well. GIVE EM!!
play with water in the bathroom. hey, even grown ups do it!

6th question:
what r u gonna do rite after u get into ur tertiary institution? tell as much as u want.

make myself the most popular person in campus.
try out all the food served there (so that i can dcide whether i need 2 buy a supply of 'mi sedap' or not later)
open up my books n put my nose into it. time 2 study!!!
sleep in d fresh bunk of my new dorm (fresh ke?!)

7th question:
this tag is quite lame...
so, who r u gonna torture next with this booooring tag?

sorry, ma fwenz. didnt mean 2 but...
baihaqi, sajeedah, afiq, syarafina, syuk
may all feel d torture... kuahkuahkuahkuah!!!
(addition: ssape yg ada sindrom kebosanan-tahap-maut-gila boleh amik tag ni)

dUnNo Wat 2 SaY~~~

Hey, everyone.

This post is nothing more than a mere expression of emotions.

You see, I'm almost drowning in BOREDOM here, with almost nothing to do and nothing to indulge in.

Wanna go somewhere, I now have to think thrice whether it is worth it or not.

Wanna do sth, gotta think twice whether it is beneficial or vice versa.

Finally, sleep seems to be the last resort after playing with computer games doesn't kill the BOREDOM within.

Anyway, congrats to all who gotta start gearing your brains already.

I'm jealous you know.

I'm the one who is tingling till near-death to start my tertiary education, and you people gotta study first!

Whateva, this is the calm side of me.

If I didn't control myself, its gonna be worse than below:


BoSan AbiS!!

Ntah apa yg ana nk buat lg selain dok umah je

Dah tu, KwN2 sume nk Msk U skrg....
lagi la BoSan.
xDe Kwn



(me at home...)

So, yeah....

That's it though.

If anyone who have the knack of staying outside doing terrific jobs and activities, please DO invite me along.

Em, ok then. Ta-ta for now. Toodles.

Have a stupendous day ahead.


I rather die helping others than die of BOREDOM.


Peace upon all.
With great pleasure, I would like to thank Sajeedah for this award. I am totally honored and touched by it.
Anyway, I'm sharing this award with anyone reading this (just look, don't take! be honest!!)
But if you're dying to have it, just say please. I'm not stingy.

Award of the month

Germany In Da House

wie geht es Ihnen, alle? Hoffe, alle sind gut.
Ich bin dabei in der German-Malaysian Institute.
Das bedeutet, dass ich gehen können, um mein Deutsch zu weiteren Studien.
so, Ich muss Deutsch lernen Sprache.
und jetzt, gestatten Sie mir, Ihnen ein paar Sätze Deutsch.
mit der leichte zuerst.
How are you all? Hope all are good.
I am about to enter the German-Malaysian Institute.
This means, I may go to German to further my studies.
So, I must learn German language.
And now, allow me to teach you a few German phrases.
Starting with the easy ones.

My friend=mein Freund
What are you doing?=was tust du?
How are you?=Wie geht es dir?
Good morning=guten morgen
Good afternoon=guten tag
Good night=guten nacht
Goodbye=Auf wiedersehen
Have a nice day=Have a nice day
See you later=Bis später

Das ist alles von mir für heute.
hoffe, Sie alle genossen es.
Have a nice day!
That is all from me for now.
Hope all of you enjoyed it.
Have a nice day!