Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-


Dalam post kali ini, sukacitanya ana nak bawa beberapa persoalan untuk kita beri pandangan sama.

1. Apakah tujuan sebenar hidup kita, dan apakah yang benar2 kita kejar dalam hidup ini?

2. Apakah kita yang perlukan Islam, atau Islam perlukan kita?

3. Ayat Allah dalam surah adDzaariyaat; "dan sesungguhnya Aku tidak menciptakan jin dan manusia itu melainkan untuk mengabdikan diri kepada-Ku". Tapi kalau sekiranya ayat dia berbunyi begini; " dan sesungguhnya Aku menciptakan jin dan manusia itu adalah untuk mengabdikan diri kepada-Ku", agak2 ada beza ke atau tak? Kenapa?

Sila komen untuk melontarkan hujah dan pendapat. Jazaakallahu khaira.


I just got something hard hitting my head lately:

1. That I finally gotta accept my blog is so not as oftenly visited as before. But u know what? I dont care, coz I write to express and inform, not to wait for comments (although it reflects whether we got interactions or not huhu)
2. I direly need a pair of sports shoes or I'm gonna suffer the pain due to friction with the floor when playing badminton n on the rough grass when playing rugby.
3. Jeans aren't so bad (1st impression is sooooooo strong u know!)
4. I have people, MANY of them, putting high hopes on me. They believed, so, I must believe as well.
5. ......I'm too bored and out of points to write anything else. Ciao!

Outing Openhouse

10 October 2009

Starting early in the morning, me and two friends, Amanina and Syuhada set off towards KISAS to update on their conditions. We met our stayer comrades, Pn Haznah and even Makcik Bertuah (forgot her name huhu)
Then, we went to Afuza's house in Cheras. You know what, we spent 3hours on the road, LOST!!! trying to find her house! Finally, we found it juuuuuuust before I dozed off (in her house of course for 5mins after late lunch)
At that time, it was 4pm and I thought its quite late, but I called Farah, and she said "We're open till tomorrow morning, Muhammad!!" So, we heaved our heavy bellies off the comfortable chairs and drove to Farah's house. Its quite easier bcoz her house is somewhere the place I got lost previously (although it did take almost 40min huhu) She forced me to eat more and more and I'm too polite to say no, so, I ate. But not before I forced her to eat as well! haha
As if I'm the only one with thin posture here!!
By the time we got back to my house, it was 7.15pm. Time for Maghrib prayers.