Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

The Future Leader Awaits: Armageddon

I was known for my craziness in creating theories and testing it on myself and others.

I was known for my amazing ability to bombard the examiner with bombastic English usage.

I was known for my way of politeness and formality which others think it is merely supposedly to be used ONLY during formal hours such as in meetings and conferences.

And now, is the time when I announce to the world of who I am and what I plan to achieve and to what extent have I succeeded. This is where I inform the public of what sort of information and knowledge that my plan requires and those I seek to research on, in order to curb the problems that has been hindering us from going forward.

This declaration is so that, even if I couldn't manage to fulfill it, then those who read this, you all, whether you are already in the position and power to implement it or you are a potential person, can continue with this honorable and noble quest, insyaAllah.

Because this plan, which I called as "Armageddon", is a plan to create a better country and then, a better world. This plan is set in Malaysia only.

In terms of TRAFFIC, the issue brought forth is:

1. the congestion happening almost everyday due to excessive vehicles on the road, and

2. the efficiency of the public transportation, which brings in the question of why the community still prefers to own their own transport.

To overcome this problem, the area of research is:

1.the easiness of the comunity to reach and utilise the public transport. This includes the distance between the stations (e.g. LRT station) and the housing estates and the accommodation for those who drove to the stations.

2. the efficiency of the public transport service i.e. the frequency of the public transport, the fees and its convenience.

3. the mapping of it's journey and the time taken must be clear and accurate for the convenience of the consumers.

For the ENVIRONMENT, I have been looking into:

1. the increasing heat of the world climate, especially in Malaysia, and

2. the pollution problem in this country that doesn't seem to be reducing.

Therefore, these are the things that I believe should be taken into account by the government:

1. the usage of catalytic converter for heavy vehicles e.g. lorries and buses. If it isn't possible, then the next issue would be to exchange diesel with another alternative fuel with more torque.

2. the use of green project. That is, to make greenery as part of development and buildings. How about green grass as your house roof?

In terms of propaganda and influence, this is one HUGE field:

1. The decreasing number of potential powerful and qualified leaders within the young generations.

2. The breaking unity within the community of Malaysia. Weird, with all this 1Malaysia thing going on.

3. The point of interest and career prospects of the people are towards entertainment mostly.

4. TVs as an improper alternative for education.

These, to me, are critical issues. Therefore, I believe in these changes to help cure and move forward with better guidance:

1. The government needs to change the focus of the media nowadays. Not on entertainment purely (AF, Mentor, Indonesian TV series, subtitles for English programs, yadda3), but on the right thing to do on the right purpose and the right way of doing it.

2. The 1Malaysia concept isn't very clear to the people (in my point of view). Thus, to make it clear, our programs, the parties' activities, and other events throughout Malaysia must clearly reflect this concept and apply it wholistically first.

3. The interest in educational and scientific fields must be instilled and nurtured into people since the early age of their life ie children's age.

4. What makes a subtitle beneficial? No such benefit, except to make viewers enjoy and be entertained.

Alright, this is the huge part of the gigantic plan. Let's build this country and the world into a better one together in peace and synergy and harmony. Dynamically.