Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Accident in the Eyes

Have you ever seen a driverless vehicle in motion on the road before? Here's a news for you all.

I was there to witness this extraordinary incident today, 30 June 09.
I was in my Kancil waiting in line to pick up my sister from school. It was 6.45pm and the road was full of cars.
Beside the school, there was a T-junction and I was exactly about to enter the intersection part.
Then, out of nowhere, a bus rolled down the road. The driver's door was open, and all of us can see that there was NO driver and it was doing about 30 km/h. Few students were in it and gaped, horrified. It was heading straight into the junction!
Without warning, it rammed into the Kelisa at the intersection, bounced back, and rammed into it again, which caused it to bump against an Alfredo.
Every witness there were screaming and pointing fingers to the scene. Panic started to rise.
Just at that moment, the driver showed up and took control of the bus.
It was quite a mess. The three vehicle owner took into their heads to solve the incident there and then, so they all parked aside to debate bout it.

And to think I was a car away from that Kelisa! How close!

The lessons I can unearth from this incident are:

1. NEVER leave your car purring unattended.
2. NEVER leave your car in Neutral mode on a slanting surface, unless you're really REALLY sure you are in full control over it.
3. ALWAYS beware of and study the behavior and attitude of other drivers around you. Take precautions.
4. ALWAYS put on your seatbelt.
5. NEVER play or make drastic movements in the car. You're not ready to brace yourself if anything happens.
6. PRAY (doa) directly after you enter the car, whether you're a passenger or the driver.

Drive safe, lives saved.


"Sesungguhnya Allah menyukai orang-orang yang berperang di jalanNya dalam barisan yang teratur seakan-akan mereka seperti suatu bangunan yang tersusun kukuh."
{as-Shaff : 4}

We're all familiar with this verse.

Sometimes, we don't always look at the meanings but carry on reading.
That's why having a Quran with translations are beneficial.

Here are what I learnt out of this verse, from observations, thinking and sermons:

1. we must straighten our saf in our prayers like building blocks arranged firm and strong.
2. we must strategise our work so that it is more structured and neatly arranged, easier to be executed.
3. we must be disciplined in every aspect as this is a crucial asset to gain excellency.

Imagine a building~
built with bricks; jagged and patched here and there.
Is it solid to you?
Is it mighty?
Is it nice to see?

I may be wrong or vice versa, so please correct me if I am.
After all, we're all humans here.

-Thinking is Blissful-

Promo Diri~ lalala....

Peace be upon you, my friends.

Last Wednesday,

I went to KISAS to give a small dainty speech regarding our beloved juniors' essay-writing.

It was FUN!!

At first, I thought I might've, u know, throw up due to nervousness, or stammer,

but it went well alhamdulillah.

Da juniors were all very nice and inquisitive.

They asked many questions
(according to miss Rajesh, it's a golden opportunity for them to see da writer of da essays they've received, haha)

I gave my speech to 510 and 408.

Miss Rajesh wants me to do another speech, BIGGER this time, in front of da WHOLE batch!!


Guess I came at a perfect time to promote myself, haha

*Factual Magics*

Did you know?
A fact that is crucial...




and holistically state-of-the-art?

Within ourselves, there are two entities that can promise us results that we don't even expect.
They are

is the things that we DO well naturally.
is the things that we LIKE to do naturally.

All of us have talents. All of us have motivation.
By actually combining these two, the results will be unexpectedly supreme.
It is what we call

For example,
Amber is talented in speaking.
His motivation is debating.
He goes around sparking conversation with anyone; friends or strangers, about many things as easy as snapping your finger.
That is what happens when he converges his talent of speaking with his motivation of debating.
A natural thing he likes to do and he does it well without anyone telling to do so.

do you get the concept here?
Its easy isn't it?

So, for your future, look for your motivated talents' ideal place to fit in ie your ideal future career.
Making a step does take you to a thousand destination.

My Hobby n Passion

Nothing much.
Just wanna share some of my drawings during my leisure time.

If theres any comments regarding the picture, or something else,
give it up.
Don't be shy with me.
I'm surely not gonna "eat" ya.

(maafla kalau gambar xclear sgt)

Humanitarian Law against ME?! No Way!

12-14 June 2009
UiTM Shah Alam

A debate i was very eager to participate but don't have any clue actually bout it, i mean,

The answers came shortly after that.

Friday after breakfast, i drove my Kancil to Shah Alam and arrived at the scene in an hour's time.
All is well. My teammates, as usual;
Nafeesa, and my newly known friend, Ulya from RMC.
Our team's name is INTEC 1
At first, my intuition told me its gonna be an inter varsity debate between Malaysian's Unis, but i was wrong.
NUS (National University of Singapore), Ateneo from Phillipines, Somalia, and a team from Thailand!!


Good thing there's a team from RMC (2 form5 n 1 form4 students), or else we'll be the only youngest participant there.

So after our Friday prayers, began the first round.
Its a dream come true! ive always dreamt of debating against them, and now i got the chance to debate against
bro Faiz, bro Zamir and sis Zaimah

But we lost and it was a clear debate, which means the gap score is really far.
Second debate that afternoon against UiTM 4.
This round was really interesting, coz there were many giggles and excitement in our speeches.
But we lost anyway. Still, i saw myself altering there and it boosted my motivation BIG TIME.

That night, i checked-in at INTECMA Resort (Naf n Ulya stays in INTEC). i was told i will be sharing a room with an adjudecator from UTP, Kong.
As i got into the lift (my room is 4th floor), a woman got in as well and we got off at the 4th floor. As i turned to my room's direction, she made a quizzical face.
Me : sumthing wrong, miss? Saphira: what is ur room number? Me : 542A. wats ur room number? Saphira: 542B. Me : huh?! we cant b in the same room are we? Saphira: i dunno. lets see. Checking... Saphira: uh-oh. same room, i guess. Me : oh (fidgetting nervously). ok. Then, Kong opened the door and showed us there is two separate rooms, A n B. "And we're supposed to share the house with HER?!" heart-speaking. That was really my first and i will say my last time staying in a house with a woman! What an experience! But, we seldom meet in the house, so we didnt actually felt it.

Next day, another debate awaits.
i waited for my teammates to arrive.
when it was 8.15am, i was worried. And i was so perplexed to find out that Ulya got stuck in his room! That delayed them!

3rd round
INTEC1 vs UiTM Tganu1
It got more fun and i actually became soOO animated coz i could actually synchronize with the rush of euphoria coursing through my veins!!!
And we WON!! Alhamdulillah!!!

4th round
INTEC1 vs UiTM 2
Over my 3 years in debating, this is the FIRST time ever i got blank. 4min 56sec, that's short! All bcoz i dunno wat the H**L the motion was about:
THBT Mahendra Rajapaksa and General Sarrath Fonseka should be Charged for Crime of Genocide
Do you know what the adjudecator adviced me to? Just put crap into my speech, keep speaking!
And in this final prelim round, i was abit demotivated but i did my best.
INTEC1 vs UiTM Tganu1 (again!)
Here, we lost to them coz we obviously lack information.

With 1win n 4lost, we definitely wont break for the quarterfinals. So, no need to come next day, Naf n Ulya concluded.
After that 5th round, both of them got back to INTEC, leaving me alone.... (But, so did the RMC students, leaving only 1 of them,Syed Sadiq to hang out with me)

That night, there was a BBQ dinner. We were supposed to socialize, but since i was the youngest around, i felt alienated. Syed was there for awhile and then he disappeared. Then i was really alone. i chatted with the HELP team i knew for awhile, and sat by myself. Suddenly, Ikmal, the UiTM Tganu debater approached me, pulled me into his group, and boy! was i socializing! Credits to Ikmal for that. i made new friends, Farah (uitm mlaka), Azrul (iium), Afiq (iium), Arun, Kong (UTP), Sofea (iium), Serphy (Bangladesh), Sarah, Saphira (uitm penang) and afew i forgot to get their names. Since i was the youngest and they noticed my Lego on my KISAS ELS bag, i quickly got into the spotlight. Hahaha! (Mcm budak kecik rasanya, tp ana xbape kisah) After the dinner, all of us are invited to a party at the resort. But, you all can imagine a party beside the pool at 11.00pm. i didnt go. No way! That night, i chatted a bit with my housemates before turning in on the cozy bed in my chilly room. It was 12.00am when i closed my eyes.
Next day, i stayed for the quarterfinals. Must watch NUS (Singapore) coz for your information, Singaporeans are involved in debates since primary schools. So, you can predict just how advanced they are.
Anyway, on that day, i was alone again coz my teammates dont wanna come and Syed was nowhere.

Got home after 12.00pm coz im going to my auntie's house with my family.
Before closing, here's the breaking team for the finals (u dont wanna know who're the quarterfinalists im sure):
King George V (KGV) vs IIUM 1
KGV is a secondary school (sekolah menengah)

Lessons that ive learnt throughout the competition are:
1. U'll never get anywhere if u lack of knowledge. Keep updated and reading!
2. Wanna know what's the use of socializing? It prevents u from being alone!

3. Now i know how lonely it is to drive in a car. I rather ride a bike and now i really appreciate it.

4. If you had to be under one roof with a woman but u dont want to, keep urself to urself!

5. Synchronizing ur thoughts with ur teammates is a crucial element in teamwork. Takes time.

6. Ever question the time when ur ready for sumthing? U gotta b saying "BRING IT ON!" no matter what it is.

7. Never underestimate or overestimate others.
8. 'Tipu sunat' exists in certain circumstances.

9. Have faith in everything and everyone.

[D=Decisive,E=Evaluation,B=Bring it on,A=Attractive,T=Teamwork,E=Engaging}

A Camera's Last Service......

It's a very depressing moment that day (forgotten what day was that).
Our camera broke!!! Wuhuuuuu!!!
It suddenly became blank and not functioning.
Till now, there's no camera in the house, so no images to be uploaded for now. huhu.....

Engagement Confusion?!

Here, I want to share a cheeky moment with everyone.

Last Tuesday, my whole family went to Jitra, Kedah, to attend an engagement by the bride's party (meminang le lbh kurg)
Before going there, my cousin, who is the groom himself wants to borrow my purple sampin to match with the theme color chosen by the bride. He only has white baju Melayu to go with it. That's fine, I guess.
All of us need to wear baju Melayu and baju kurung respectively.
And all our clothes went into the bags.
Too bad I didn't notice my baju Melayu that went in as well.

That evening, I prepared our clothes for that night (the event is taking place that night), ironing the clothes, yadda3....
As I searched for my baju Melayu...wah!
"Not a big deal" I monologued. Or is it? hehe

That night....
"Everyone's here."
We arrived at the bride's house.
"So, who's the groom?" a pakcik asked.
They were all abit confused as I was wearing a purple baju Melayu with purple sampin while my cousin was wearing a white baju Melayu with purple sampin.
And we are both of the same height!!
It took us a while to clear the confusion. Only the bride and her parents know which one of us are which.
Throughout the ceremony and the feast, I was kinda given the awkward glances by everybody.

After the feast, it's time to go back home to our homestay.
A makcik approached my mom to shake hands, and she said,
"Ingatkan dia (me) ni yang lakinye... dah ada calon ke?"
Amboooi, madam! Do I look old enough to have a candidate already?!!
But at least it went well.
It's not me about to be engaged, its my cousin!!

Next day, before departing home, I went to visit Amirul Asyraf's mom at her Butik.
Abby, his younger sister, doesn't recognize me anymore. huhu
Bought a few clothes too there. Very nice and affordable.

Well, a trip has passed. Now, isn't that memorable?