Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Seriously Obnoxious

I've been patient enough to watch and observe the Malaysian politicians doing their job in trying to improve our nation, but as we all are aware of, every patience have their limits. And my limits are already bypassed.
Two significant issues have I put forth here.
One, is the Islamic Fashion Festival held lately in Kuala Lumpur. At first glance, it sounded like somebody has done a good job at selling Islamic fashion to the world, but in fact it is totally the opposite.
What do you get of this?

Does this fashion seem Islamic to you? Honestly, what does Islam say about clothes?
Refer to these verses to get a clearer view of what Islam has underlined for us about hijab:
  • Surah Al-A'raf ayat 26 & 31-32
  • Surah al-Ahzab ayat 59
  • Surah An-Nur ayat 31
  • Surah An-Nur ayat 60
This blog can also help clearing things up.

Hopefully our future leaders are better than this.

Another issue is when I see the headline of today's news; "Bukti Usaha Kerajaan", and it goes on saying what a good job the government has done to improvise our lives.
I do like the fact that they are doing their job as leaders, but what gets to my nerves is the title, which sounds like they want to prove to us that they are doing their work.
The question is, why prove when it is already your job? Has someone said you're not doing anything for the country and they want the proof?
It sounded so unprofessional if this is how they answer this question.

My opinion; we need wiser and more patient leaders in the future, not to mention pious too. Therefore, teachers. Do your best in nurturing these future leaders. And parents, you need to nurture your children to be our 'qualified' authority inheritors.

Whoa! That's life??

"I was just about to rest. Can't you give me a break??"
I turned around to see someone I recognized telling off my friend. Apparently work is still at hand but to him, he has done his part.

The thing about life is, there will be a time when people without a very strong goal and objectives will ask and complain; "What is worth living for?"

Too many answers.

Filthy rich life in the future.

Big house.

Expensive luxurious cars.

A lovely wife.

Success in business or studies or....whatever achievable.

The question is, are these objectives permanent? They're merely short termed objectives. If we really want to have a good solid black-and-white reason as to why do I need to continue living?, then we got to really think of it, and observe everything.

This is what I think and what I believe.

The best kind of person are those who give benefit to others, not excluding any life forms.

Why is this so?

Because that is where peace comes from.

That is where global happiness comes from.

That is where OUR happiness come from.

When we strive to help others gain their happiness, and we achieved it, then satisfaction comes. Why?
Because we succeeded in making someone happy.

When we are satisfied, won't we be happy as well?

Besides, who can stay happy if others around him are filled with gloom and grief?

Therefore, the best reason to live I see, is to help others in their lives, to gain happiness. We are one, after all. it is

Life is an Open Secret.

I've left this title for quite some time now. So, here's something to refresh our minds about it.

Secret is something that is kept so that no one can see it, I mean publicly.
Open means its open to public.
Therefore, how in the whole wide world can life be an open secret???

Life is a miraculously extraordinary thing that contains infinite mysteries and surprises. That it has infinite secrets. One by one, humans are exploring it. Or should I say, started to observe it.
Because it is open and obvious to those who observes.

What shape do you think is the most stable shape in the world?
That is correct, until engineers found out that the most stable shape is a hexagon. This is what plants have been applying to its structure.

And do you notice that nature has never had a 90 degrees in any of its' structures?
Because when something cracks, the crack will spread easier towards any sharp 90 degrees edges.
Obvious things to see? Your fingers. Take a look.

Why do you think that Earth contains 2/3 of water, while 1/3 is land?
Because it has shown that water is the best temperature balancer, to keep the temperature in equilibrium.

Message here?
We just have to open our eyes, our heart and our mind.
We can't keep hiding from the truth.
(Guess where I got this phrase from?)