Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

DeBaTeRs BuZZ NewS

24-29 April 2009

The time has come....
This is the debate we've been waiting for....

Well, basically, I got there under the Seri Ayesha School's name as their trainer.
There, I met with my former schoolmates and debate colleagues from SMKA Maahad Hamidiah and KISAS (ouch!)
Unfortunately, I didnt bring my camera on the grand dinner night, so, no pictures on that moment (such a pity...huhu...)

Ok, I don't think any of you want to hear or read anything on the debate details, so I'll just give a brief report on the debate results (English category only, sorry).
Sri Ayesha won 4 prelim rounds but didn't break (that's better than last year, they didn't win any)
Maahad Hamidiah got to the double octo but didn't get any further.
KISAS managed to break last years record by reaching the quarter finals before got killed by SMI Al-Hidayah, Johor.
English category was won by SMK Green Road, Kuching and Malay category won by SMI Al-Hidayah.

Bravo and congratulations to all who participated!!
It's not just winning, it's about the outcome of the debate for you and others. New pals, new perspectives, new interest and new whatever else, you name it.

Here are the pictures of us:

KSAH, we (me and last year's KISAS team) beaten them in the silent round last year

SMK Hulu Klang, Sri Ayesha beaten them in the first round with a close margin

The semi finalist: TKC in greens

My Sri Ayesha boys from right: Rahman, Syed and Fattah

The worn-out faces of KISASians...

They only showed their faces here after they lost in the Double Octos. Still, Support2!!

Lunch with Hamidians and Sri Ayeshans (those in blacks are Sri Ayeshans)

Say "Oyasumi Nasai"!!

Sweet times with them...

My friend, Amir Azfar from RMC (3rd speaker last year), top ten best speaker

Syed (in black) admires this RMC guy, and his name is Syed too!

Starring from left: Fattah, Rahman, Bro Faiz, Bro Meor, Kak Khalilah and Kak Afifah

Best Friends: Hamidians, Bro Daniel, Kak Afifah, Bro Faiz, Bro Zamir and Nafeesa

The 2009 shirt

Wanna know more? Buy a copy of the Ratio! Its RM1 only!!

And that's it. The conclusion is,

prelim = preliminary (percubaan)
double octo= top 32 teams

DeBaTe of The Day

For this post, I need to make it a complete full English version because its gotta do with debate.

-9 April 2009, Thursday-

A school I only knew since this year in January, situated in Bangi beside the PKNS Complex. Its a private school, for your information.

So, I went there that Thursday (fortunately that day I remembered to bring my camera!) to do my usual thing; coaching debate for the Sri Ayesha School team. That day, they were having a debate competition for the semi-finalist.
Wow!! I missed a lot since I haven't been there for about a month.

I requested to join in the fun coz,...well... I was craving to speak!!

Man, these children were fantastic! They grew a lot I must say as they spoke, twist, explain and fire like anything during the match!!
Here are some pictures from our battle.........

our heated debate (from left, my team: Razan,Kamaliah and me and the next team: Huzaifah, Dzafirah and Sakinah)

in the next room, another debate is in progress (speaking is Hanif)

the team from left: Syed, Rahman, Fattah, Nafeesa, Mr Rachaad and Huzaifah
Mr Rachaad is from US and has loads of humour up his sleeves!

They may be a bit, you know, childish and you might say immatured, but they have potential intelligence and full of fun, seriously. You will never be bored when you're with them.

the nutty* boys:>> Huzaifah (peacemaker), Fattah (brainwave~), Syed back there ("wit" cream), Rahman (wise-cracker)

and my best friend, Nafeesa.
my mentor, teammate, colleague and associate.
better than me, but I'm not letting it go one-side heavy.

Well, that is all for my day coaching report.
Hope you all gained some cool stuffs from this,... experience of mine.
Guess I'm still actively into debate, huh?

CulTure UnioN........ and A PrOgRam

Kawan2, di sini ana nak berkongsi pengalaman ana.
Iaitu Program Minggu BM Sekolah Kebangsaan Kelana Jaya 1, pada 31 Mac-3 April 2009.

When I just got this assignment, I was excited.
So, I planned...
With S-O-O MUCH planning indeed!! we took, like, a month to do so!

Despite that, finally it's happened at last.
First, we took care of the maintenance and settings.

Then, it's time to RumBle!!

Kami pun memulakan program sulung bersama kanak2 (adik2) pada setiap jam 1400 hingga 1730.

Ni rupanya bersama dengan adik2 darjah satu...

Yang lain-lain pun ada gak...
Tengok betul2, mana tahu ada muka antum tersorok dalam gambar ni kan....

Semuanya gembira dan seronok.
Kami pun seronok gak!!

Nak sertai kami ke?

Ada lagi jangan risau. Cuma hubungi ana (Muhammad bin Zulkarnain) untuk informasi terkini program premahasiswa bidang pengurusan.

Sekalung terima kasih ana hadiahkan kepada kawan2 yang membantu menjayakan program ini. Semua kenangan yang kita lalui ana akan ingat sampai bila2.

Pengajaran: Perkara yang ingin diterap ialah "LEARNING IS FUN!!"

There will be follow-up programs regarding their 3Ms capability. So, those who wants to participate can contact me. Don't worry, certificates are given as a token of your efforts.
I can assure all of you, the programs will be F-U-N and I-N-T-E-R-E-S-T-I-N-G!!