Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Blitz Generation : Home


OK. Teacher is doing it again. *sigh*

I slid further back into my chair as Mr Fuad starts to narrate to us about his 'nostalgic adventures'. This is a history class, but we're not supposed to study about our teacher's history. Looking around, I noticed that Asad is paying sheer attention to the story. Brilliant people are usually like that, aren't they?
I felt a sharp jab from the back.
I glanced back. Amar, who is sitting behind me smiled slyly.
"Same stuff?"
I sighed again. "Looks like it."
*  *  *
He has already dribbled the ball pass three defenders. Now, the only one that is separating between him and the goal is the goalkeeper. The keeper looked nervous. Aqeel kicked, the keeper dived. A hoax! The ball was still at his leg. Turning his direction, Aqeel kicked the ball hard into the back of the net.
The game ended with a 3 - 1 score, and the winning team was Aqeel's. I was sitting at the bench, and I gave him a bottle of water, which he took it gratefully. I'm not really a skillful player like him, but I could still give a good challenge, even with one score.
"That was a good game. As usual, Aqeel." I smiled.
"Nah, it was mostly my teammates who did the most contribution. I just merely stuff the ball into the goal." We both laughed.
The rest of the team and our coach were already making a move towards the main building, but me and Aqeel took our time to pack our things.
As I was standing up, I spotted a little kitten at the corner of the field. Right, I'm not really an animal lover, but I just can't resist myself to a cute adorable kitten. I went over to the kitten, bent down, played with its ears, stroked its soft fluffy fur, tickled its belly,... alright, getting more exaggerating here. The main point here, I spent quite some time with it there. Aqeel just stood there, shaking his head in amusement at our game. He started off towards the others, leaving me behind enjoying my sweet time.
Suddenly, the little kitten hissed and scampered away. Startled by the sudden action, I got blank. By the time I turned my head around, I felt a searing pain at my calf. I let out a short shout of pain as my eyes caught the sight of the snake that has just bit me, slithering backwards out of view. A prairie rattlesnake. One of those poisonous snakes in Nebraska.
"Aqeel,..." I was too weak to say anything.
"Hold up, Aiman. I'm getting help ASAP!" He ran towards the main building to get aid.
I felt too weak to respond. As I watched him run, I felt my eyesight getting dimmer and blurry.
"Stay awake, Aiman. Don't black out!" I shouted to myself.
The echo of my inner voice rang unusually in my head and for a moment there, I thought I was imagining it. Everything around me became a solid white wall with weird imprints that are alien to my knowledge. Out of my consciousness, my right hand started hovering towards the spot where the snakebite was and it wrote there, using a pen which was magically already in my right hand, a single word; "heilen".
*  *  *
"Here he is, sir. Quick, he's in a bad condition!" Aqeel stood motionless at my standing figure, healthy as if nothing had happened to me.
"He looks a fine lad to me. Are you feeling well, boy?" Our coach looked at Aqeel quizzically.
We walked back to class together after that incident. Aqeel was still deep in thought of the whole situation.
"I don't know what you did, dude, but it was definitely a snakebite back then, wasn't it?" Aqeel tried to reassure his stance.
"Yeah, it wasn't an imagination." Honestly, I wasn't quite sure what has happened either. It was sort of... dreamy.
I looked at the spot where the snakebite was supposed to be and found nothing as evidence that it was once there. Only one thing remained to tell that the whole thing wasn't a mere fantasy; the pen is still in my pocket.

The pen and the pencil
At the back of my mind, I felt that this is a beginning of something new to my life. Definitely.

The New Rumour in UiTM

There is this new happening that has happened quite recently here in UiTM Lendu.
While others are talking about Johnny who lives within the lake of the campus, about Jebat being the nest of all evilness,...

...another rumour has arised.

This is how the real story goes.

A familiar student has just arrived in Lendu and had taken a night walk on the streets. He seemed happy.

Right now, there seems to be something interesting on the road (focus on the white line) which made him sit there.

He got a headache. Something has got to his head.

Something is not right.

In a few minutes later, another student found this poor student lying on the road in campus under the orange street light.

Nobody knows how he came to be found in that way.

On the way to her college, this student claimed she found the same body of the poor student lying in the middle of the road under the street light further up the road.

Nobody knows how that body came to be there either.

Up until now, the student is still living. He lives among us.

The Future Leader Awaits: Armageddon

I was known for my craziness in creating theories and testing it on myself and others.

I was known for my amazing ability to bombard the examiner with bombastic English usage.

I was known for my way of politeness and formality which others think it is merely supposedly to be used ONLY during formal hours such as in meetings and conferences.

And now, is the time when I announce to the world of who I am and what I plan to achieve and to what extent have I succeeded. This is where I inform the public of what sort of information and knowledge that my plan requires and those I seek to research on, in order to curb the problems that has been hindering us from going forward.

This declaration is so that, even if I couldn't manage to fulfill it, then those who read this, you all, whether you are already in the position and power to implement it or you are a potential person, can continue with this honorable and noble quest, insyaAllah.

Because this plan, which I called as "Armageddon", is a plan to create a better country and then, a better world. This plan is set in Malaysia only.

In terms of TRAFFIC, the issue brought forth is:

1. the congestion happening almost everyday due to excessive vehicles on the road, and

2. the efficiency of the public transportation, which brings in the question of why the community still prefers to own their own transport.

To overcome this problem, the area of research is:

1.the easiness of the comunity to reach and utilise the public transport. This includes the distance between the stations (e.g. LRT station) and the housing estates and the accommodation for those who drove to the stations.

2. the efficiency of the public transport service i.e. the frequency of the public transport, the fees and its convenience.

3. the mapping of it's journey and the time taken must be clear and accurate for the convenience of the consumers.

For the ENVIRONMENT, I have been looking into:

1. the increasing heat of the world climate, especially in Malaysia, and

2. the pollution problem in this country that doesn't seem to be reducing.

Therefore, these are the things that I believe should be taken into account by the government:

1. the usage of catalytic converter for heavy vehicles e.g. lorries and buses. If it isn't possible, then the next issue would be to exchange diesel with another alternative fuel with more torque.

2. the use of green project. That is, to make greenery as part of development and buildings. How about green grass as your house roof?

In terms of propaganda and influence, this is one HUGE field:

1. The decreasing number of potential powerful and qualified leaders within the young generations.

2. The breaking unity within the community of Malaysia. Weird, with all this 1Malaysia thing going on.

3. The point of interest and career prospects of the people are towards entertainment mostly.

4. TVs as an improper alternative for education.

These, to me, are critical issues. Therefore, I believe in these changes to help cure and move forward with better guidance:

1. The government needs to change the focus of the media nowadays. Not on entertainment purely (AF, Mentor, Indonesian TV series, subtitles for English programs, yadda3), but on the right thing to do on the right purpose and the right way of doing it.

2. The 1Malaysia concept isn't very clear to the people (in my point of view). Thus, to make it clear, our programs, the parties' activities, and other events throughout Malaysia must clearly reflect this concept and apply it wholistically first.

3. The interest in educational and scientific fields must be instilled and nurtured into people since the early age of their life ie children's age.

4. What makes a subtitle beneficial? No such benefit, except to make viewers enjoy and be entertained.

Alright, this is the huge part of the gigantic plan. Let's build this country and the world into a better one together in peace and synergy and harmony. Dynamically.


Right now I'm learning 5 languages actively. Is that a lot?

Whoa, Hell yeah it sure is!!!

Some tips I've got from various sources on learning languages.

1. Speak and listen to the language a LOT.
Yup, it makes sense. When you got your two ears and one mouth to adapt to the language, things are gonna get a whole lot easier to master it.
Guys, I've been carrying the Grosswoerterbuch (Dictionary) around for quite awhile now.LOL
Just thought of having something to read.

2. Have a partner to practice with.
I mean, c'mon. Nobody in this world would last doing his/her favorite activities without someone to share it with. By having your buddy by your side, insyaAllah it ensures your enthusiasm in mastering the language is channeled properly and kept well burning within you.

3. Watch and listen to movies and songs in that language.
Honestly, I'm a Kamen Rider fan. Ok, guys. This is a fun way to learn. (unless you got that distracting subtitles on, then it killed the learning part mostly)

Happy learning!!! Gambatte! Alles Gute! Bittaufiq wannajah!

Ouch! Don't you feel the pain?

Don't wait till you feel the pain to make a move.

When someone advised you to start your effort towards success, DO IT!!!

Trust me, I have felt (and still am feeling) the pain of getting low results in going forward in life.

Lets get things right starting from the BEGINNING people!!!

3. Dot

Women and Luxury: Syaitan's Agents

It is undoubted that these two are Syaitan's most high-ranking agents.

Wait! I'm not trying to underestimate the women here, but it is the nature of men to fall for women, or as known as fitrah.

Many of a people know this, it is only a matter whether we really realize and do something about it.

Proof? Listen to this music "Grenade":

Question is, how are we to foil the Syaitan's plans and evil deeds?

Allah has stated in Surah an-Nisaa' the way to avoid being lured into sinful acts.

Drop your views from eying around like a hungry fox, what more when you know there are things around that you shouldn't see.
Watch your moves and words, as the proverb saying; good words are made of silver and silence is made of gold.

What about gold and luxury?

Most people have their eyes obscured from truths due to this important element of life.

Planning for what we use them for is a vital procedure in undergoing life.

Allah forbids us to overuse the ni'mats that we gained as the Prophet saw has said:

Allah dislikes 3 things - Being talkative, overusing gold (harta) and to ask too many things, especially in religions.

Ok, guys. The world is counting on us to be the next Caliph here.

1. Dot

in Da'wah and Teaching

The following quotations are to make us ponder and think about our lives.

What more reasons are we to give in doing this task bestowed upon us all?

If every one thinks they're not ready, then there will never be anyone at all being ready. Because life is always about learning, and when you are told to teach, you are teaching yourselves too.

"If I remained silent and you remained silent, then who will teach the ignorant?"
-Ibnu Taimiyah

"Men, in teaching others, learn themselves."

"The world is changing in favor of those who command knowledge."

"Destiny is not a matter of chance, it is a matter of choice; it is not a thing to be waited for, it is a thing to be achieved."
-William Jennings Bryan

Lets make these quotations swim and seep into our heads for a while here.

Besides, sharing is never painful. It is lovely!