Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Enjoy Life, y'all!!

To enjoy life. How?

I believe that enjoyment comes from satisfaction.

Hence, when you want to enjoy your holidays for example, do ensure that you must have something that you need to achieve by the end of the day.
eg. I wanna finish 10 pages of my Maths exercise book.

When you've completed it, don't you feel satisfied? Its like, wohooo!! I've done it!!

That's when you REALLY TRULY enjoy life.

Plus, to enjoy life is when you can still remember the moment even when it's a long donkey years ago.

Because it is memorable.

It makes you enjoy.

Thus, again, if you can't manage an empty slot of your time, don't ask for it.

To what extent does Beliefs need evidences?

It sounded like an IB essay title. In fact, it is. haha
I thought of posting it since it is something I find extremely interesting.
*this is 100% my opinions

To me, I believe that every Beliefs should require evidence(s) if that is what making people believing and accepting it. If it doesn't need evidence and majority of the society accepts the Belief, then evidence isn't needed.
However, people always demanded scientific proofs to accept things. Because most people will want to see and witness themselves the thing that makes a Belief being invented. What's the sentence?
"I want to see it for myself, with my very own two eyes."

Here is one element I will put earlier forward, as this will relate with most of what I will proceed explaining.

Allah has given us clear proofs and signs all around us, so that we will learn from them, but only those who observes will benefit from them.

From the Natural Science sect,
It is so scientific and 'natural'.
How would you explain the existence of Newton's Laws? And when Einstein made the Theory of Relativity and such theories with the likes of gravitational law, is there more to be falsifying them?
The processes of scientific methods are varied.
First, The Basic Scientific Method which is also referred to as Naive Induction made mostly by non-scientists. Basically done by observation.
Then theres Kuhl's Theory, and more weird theories.
To be honest, many things that they assumed 'right' here which I believe are not so accurate. Firstly, is that none are constantly accurate and precise. The natural world is constantly changing. But I believe that it shouldn't be that bad mostly. When generalization is done, then it should be correct. That is already obvious if they really observe.

Many Beliefs doesn't need evidences from experiments as it requires us to observe and think.
Example, when a dark cloud looms by, people are used to say that it is going to rain. That is very vague as that is affected by wind, humidity and also the capacity of the cloud itself. But what is accurate is that the dark cloud is packed full of water droplets and it will need to disperse it soon, only not known where and when.

First part over. And my cousins want to use this laptop.
Will be continued later.

But it is an intriguing thing to think, "What kind of people are called scientists? Those in labs?"
Einstein said, "Scientists are people with passion to explain."

Think about it.

Seriously Obnoxious

I've been patient enough to watch and observe the Malaysian politicians doing their job in trying to improve our nation, but as we all are aware of, every patience have their limits. And my limits are already bypassed.
Two significant issues have I put forth here.
One, is the Islamic Fashion Festival held lately in Kuala Lumpur. At first glance, it sounded like somebody has done a good job at selling Islamic fashion to the world, but in fact it is totally the opposite.
What do you get of this?

Does this fashion seem Islamic to you? Honestly, what does Islam say about clothes?
Refer to these verses to get a clearer view of what Islam has underlined for us about hijab:
  • Surah Al-A'raf ayat 26 & 31-32
  • Surah al-Ahzab ayat 59
  • Surah An-Nur ayat 31
  • Surah An-Nur ayat 60
This blog can also help clearing things up.

Hopefully our future leaders are better than this.

Another issue is when I see the headline of today's news; "Bukti Usaha Kerajaan", and it goes on saying what a good job the government has done to improvise our lives.
I do like the fact that they are doing their job as leaders, but what gets to my nerves is the title, which sounds like they want to prove to us that they are doing their work.
The question is, why prove when it is already your job? Has someone said you're not doing anything for the country and they want the proof?
It sounded so unprofessional if this is how they answer this question.

My opinion; we need wiser and more patient leaders in the future, not to mention pious too. Therefore, teachers. Do your best in nurturing these future leaders. And parents, you need to nurture your children to be our 'qualified' authority inheritors.

Whoa! That's life??

"I was just about to rest. Can't you give me a break??"
I turned around to see someone I recognized telling off my friend. Apparently work is still at hand but to him, he has done his part.

The thing about life is, there will be a time when people without a very strong goal and objectives will ask and complain; "What is worth living for?"

Too many answers.

Filthy rich life in the future.

Big house.

Expensive luxurious cars.

A lovely wife.

Success in business or studies or....whatever achievable.

The question is, are these objectives permanent? They're merely short termed objectives. If we really want to have a good solid black-and-white reason as to why do I need to continue living?, then we got to really think of it, and observe everything.

This is what I think and what I believe.

The best kind of person are those who give benefit to others, not excluding any life forms.

Why is this so?

Because that is where peace comes from.

That is where global happiness comes from.

That is where OUR happiness come from.

When we strive to help others gain their happiness, and we achieved it, then satisfaction comes. Why?
Because we succeeded in making someone happy.

When we are satisfied, won't we be happy as well?

Besides, who can stay happy if others around him are filled with gloom and grief?

Therefore, the best reason to live I see, is to help others in their lives, to gain happiness. We are one, after all. it is

Life is an Open Secret.

I've left this title for quite some time now. So, here's something to refresh our minds about it.

Secret is something that is kept so that no one can see it, I mean publicly.
Open means its open to public.
Therefore, how in the whole wide world can life be an open secret???

Life is a miraculously extraordinary thing that contains infinite mysteries and surprises. That it has infinite secrets. One by one, humans are exploring it. Or should I say, started to observe it.
Because it is open and obvious to those who observes.

What shape do you think is the most stable shape in the world?
That is correct, until engineers found out that the most stable shape is a hexagon. This is what plants have been applying to its structure.

And do you notice that nature has never had a 90 degrees in any of its' structures?
Because when something cracks, the crack will spread easier towards any sharp 90 degrees edges.
Obvious things to see? Your fingers. Take a look.

Why do you think that Earth contains 2/3 of water, while 1/3 is land?
Because it has shown that water is the best temperature balancer, to keep the temperature in equilibrium.

Message here?
We just have to open our eyes, our heart and our mind.
We can't keep hiding from the truth.
(Guess where I got this phrase from?)

Felda Residence Hot Spring, Sungkai, Perak

On 25th and 26th September 2010, I followed my family to this Resort in Perak.
Honestly speaking, I never expected the trip to be something enthralling. Especially when it is in Felda, it sounded a bit modest. But everything changed when I got there.
Everything was fantastic!!
1st, it really suited its name of Hot Spring, coz it has a spa village, a hot water wading lake and even most of the water that sprout out of the earth there is hot water!
And lets not forget of the pool. Man, it is not just normal pool, it is a mountain-water cool pool!! And the scene there was marvelous as well!
Now I'm gonna talk of the rooms. Did you know they're using a touch card instead of slot cards for the door and power activation?
It totally made me feel like a Kamen Rider! Whoa! Big imagination there.hehe
The room was cozy and nice. And I will say the price is affordable too. I mean, RM220 is quite a good deal, and that is during weekends.
Here are a few of many I want to share:
-there's wifi.
-the place is very close to nature and it is seriously natural.
-there's a huge field for any games.
-archery there costs RM5 for 10 arrows.(my favourite, heheh)
Finally, the service there is also warm. Its not always I see hotel workers smile pleasantly at me. =]

Anyone up for a holiday with their family? Head over to this place! InsyaAllah, you won't regret it.

Easy or Difficult?

I like to tell about my experience to people coz it makes me close to them, and it somehow makes them closer to me too.
Let me give an example; I told my juniors whom I teach debate about my A-levels. The subjects that I take and the things I do while I'm in it.
Suddenly, one of them asked;
"Is the course easy?"
Whoa, honestly speaking, I often get this question almost everywhere. Those days I will answer either its easy or the opposite. But when I learnt more of Psychology, IQ, Attitude, the question is more than just an objective question with 2 answers.
I found a more interesting answer to give; "It is challenging."

Some people take something easy, some says its hard.
Some things are direct, some things need translation, processing or abit of info extraction.

So, look out for the best answer guys, so that those who asked this question won't be disappointed by what they might face due to being influenced by your simple 'easy or hard' answer.

What Drives You?

When you're here (GMi) and you claimed you want to head to Germany because you want to study abroad/overseas, therefore you strive hard to achieve it.
Then once you're there in Germany, what next?
I mean, you've got what you wanted which is study abroad and that is what drives you to achieve your dream with hardwork. And I assume here, that once you're there, you will be empty of 'drive' or motivation because your dream is already achieved ie it is a short distanced dream.
If you say you want to be an engineer, thus going to Germany is the way, then your objective is stronger, more solid and you're clearer with your effort and mission.

And that concludes the post today; having a stronger objective for what you will do in the future.
As for me, I've got my own objective, my BIG mission in pursuing debate. Not just as my passion-filler, but for the better of the future generation.

All da best in planning and executing your future!
And yeah, if you need my help, readers, in doing so, I'm all open to help out. ;D

English In Camp 2010, KISAS

This is one of the BEST event I've EVER participated as a facilitator!!! There were TONNES of things I've learnt throughout the program. Here they are:

Ok, so basically every facilitators will be in charge for a group of students. Yeah, my group is the Bougainvillea 4. In this group of 12 people (alright, at this stage we had to combine groups as there were not enough facilitators) we introduced ourselves. The details were simple things; name with a catchy adjective in front of it and school's name. I made it that simple.
Then I also made them repeat the circulation for three times with the third time with them repeating their other friends' names. Guess what?
This actually made the names stick in their head stronger. And to top it up, I challenged them to repeat everyone's names without reference to their papers. Whoa! Was it challenging!

To have a team is not complete without the motto and logo aite?
Here, I got to see some potential people. Gosh, they were fantastic! And my team used 'Steh auf' as their motto (from the German phrase "Get back up"). You guys ROCK!!

Make it a treasure hunt. Double the game area, double the fun. It was done in the park outside KISAS. It sure was tiring, but since I only sat in the Owl's Nest in the playground scouting the area, so it reduced my energy loss, till one boy thought I was loving enough and started sticking with me like we were best friends of all times. Man, it took me half an hour to get him away from me, considering he is just 3years old.

Speaking of teasing your brains, this game is sure one tricky teaser. Its a variety of sessions eg Spelling Bee and Line Joiner. Haha At this point, I was in charge of the Spelling Bee session and to this time, none of the teams managed to spell this one word correctly; Cantankerous. Good try though, people!!
After everything is finished, I got this pang to ask this final group a question; whats their ambitions and the reasons behind it. I guess it got one of them in the sensitive part, and I want to say sorry ok, if you're reading this.
But then, yeah, my intention is to remind everyone on what is their mission in the future. A clear future is something everyone needs.

Whoa!!! That place is one huge bright place!!! Full of lights and tourists.
In this place, we took the stage and proceeded with presentations from some representatives of these school children. One SAS boy was very energetic and he caught the crowd. Haha, nice one there.
Then, we had a photographic session for the PAPER!!! Yay, Im famous!!!!!
And guess what? I got to speak on the stage, with a mic, AND a whole crowd!! Whohohoa!!!!
Something I missed doing here which I kinda regret now... :(

Sale is up! Whos buying it??!!
These SBP students really know how to attract customers, from marriage scenes, pets impersonating and even TV ads mimicking. I'm very sure these memories will be etched in my head here for quite a long time. Congratz people!
It ended quite early, hence we played Bottle Game and Bomb2. They really got me on my toes, they were HEATING the hall, like, dramatically FAST!!! We totally had a whole lot of fun that time! And to those teams which died in the Bomb Game, they had to be reincarnated from the 'dead' to be punished with the Snell Move. Honestly, it was a cute thing to be done to be cute.

To all teenagers, students and especially SBP students who are reading my blog here, my tip/advice/quotation is:
Your life is always filled with choice. Choosing the right one is surely benefiting and making the wrong choice is tremendously chaotic for sure.
By the way, you also need these; structured plan, effort, commitment and belief.
Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist!

Too Complicated

I'm taking a very long look at life.




*after an eternity...

So many things that makes me feel like I want to commit suicide. I can't take it. Too heavy.

The Tanyalah Ustaz show has come up with a very thought-provoking issue; teens.
They discussed about the problems arising from teens, the relationship between them and their parents and their relationship with their friends. Yeah, the more the discussion prolonged, the more disturbing it gets for me. And why? Because I'm in the middle of it.

Only a few issues I will raise here.

1. Siblings problem.
Between siblings, there are somethings that the parents have to pay attention to. Equally treating them is one of the things.

2. Child nurturing.
In nurturing them, to teach them on the fundamentals of everything. Not suddenly saying "don't do that!" or "don't do this!" And I kinda feel (which is what I'm doing oppositely now to people younger than myself) that punishments, threats and stern teaching is not the best way, as I believe the long term effect will kick in dangerously in their life.

3. 'Warm'ing up.
If I can be very friendly and hostile to other children and cute+cuddly+adorable 'entities',...

Too bad, I'm not very strong when encountering this kind of issues.
Nevertheless, I'm working on it and I really appreciate it if help is offered.

Inspired! WOW!!

When you were taught before by people to be the best...

Right, such good introduction.
Now I just got this wonderful speech from Deputy Director General in Education, MARA, hence I decided to post it in here.

He spoke about nurturing global competitive workforce in GMi.
One, he said, is how exactly the lecturers need to approach the students. Its not giving them the ideas and facts which could be obtained from the bloody Internet, but to nurture them on 'how to learn'.
Second, he also told us to NEVER be the prisoners of experience. That got me thinking; how in the world are we to imply that when people said "learn through experience"? What he actually meant was to not be afraid to try and make a change even though the past gave us negative feedback. Nice eh?
Third, he revealed to us three locked doors which we need to unlock;
1. mind
2. culture
3. asset
Fourth, he even gave me one extra fact. There are 4 entities in us;
-EQ-IQ-SQ- and the latest I got -VI-(Virtual Intelligence)

Cool huh?
Well, I'm clearly learning from my experience from other people I met here, apparently. haha

What I did...

Once upon a time, a mysterious teen in red shirt with a green-striped scarf arrived in a very well known school in Kajang. This teen went on teaching his students aka juniors, as usual, about debate. One thing about this teen is he likes to make things easier and different. This was what he taught:
1. Roles/Position in Debate
2. Adventurous Spirit
3. Simplicity in Ideology

1. It is about what does the PM, DPM and Whip do in debate basically, one by one, in an orderly manner.
2. To be able to bombard and burn down the house with rocking extravaganza style and good points, a debater must be able to face any motions he gets, and be prepared for it. Common line for them, "Bring it on, dude!"
3. Everything is simpler to understand and to achieve when we do it nice and simple. Hence, what to do? 3 steps; content exposure, spill the beans and wrap up. Seriously, you won't be missed by that.

Finally, this teen completed his mission and went of to return to his humble home; hostel in GMi. Huu~ Bliss... XD

When I was ill~

I didnt know that extensive sleep can cure headache. Fascinating isnt it?

Different surroundings can affect your health status too, which is what was recommended by my lecturer to go home and not be in the hostel when I was sick lately.
Didnt actually proved the fact but it was proven by this occurrence. Wow huh?

Mental problem is actually an illness which can come and go, and also has its cure? Awesomely freaky...

BP debate

British Parliamentary debate is one awesome debate that focuses on strategy and quick-thinking.
Just when you think debate in Asean Parliamentary is tough enough, you have yet to encounter one step higher of a level in BP. haha jokes

One debate that I'm looking forward to participate this year, which will be my last involvement insyaAllah, is the IIU BP debate this 13th-15th of August.

Here's my understanding of how the debate will commence:

1. Two debaters per team, two teams on each Govt and Opp sides resulting in four teams per debate and eight debaters per House. (thats a lot!)

2. Comprises of an Opening and Closing Govt, and Opening and Closing Opp.

3. The flow is the same as any other debates, starting with Prime Minister, Opp leader, DPM, DOL, then the 1st speaker from the closing Govt, 1st speaker of Opp, 2nd speaker closing Govt and finally 2nd closing Opp.

4. Every debaters can bring forth new arguments except the final speaker of the closing Opp.

5. The winning steps are counted by points;
3points - 1st place
2points - 2nd place
1point - 3rd place
0points - 4th place

6. Yeah, it seems kinda ridiculous, like, how can the Opening and Closing distinguish the wins when they're on the same sides? Remember, its a strategy game, so what you must do is to devise a totally different plan of attack (case) from your rivals.
eg. if the Opening has been talking bout Economies thus the Closing should deliver points regarding Politics.

7. To break, it depends on how many points are collected at the end of the day.

Yep, see you guys in the tournament!

Advent; to the Top

Being a student of GMi taking A-level course, has made my career a little too time-constraining but in terms of experience-wise, it clearly gave me a double profit.
Try and analyze this situation:

Class period (roughly): 8am-4pm (excluding Physics classes)
Teaching period: 3.40pm-5.30pm (approximate value)
Assignments (roughly per day): 1 German essay, 2 Chemistry tutorials (+-20 Qs), 10 Maths questions, 10 Physics questions
Position: President of English Club, current Orientation Committee (OC), teacher, eldest brother in the family

Study period;
my Maths teacher adviced us that when you're used to hardworking and perseverance in completing tasks at the given time, it gives a terrific payoff at the end.
And indeed I am applying that now in my life, slow, solid and steady...
my Chemistry teacher has told me to study Chemistry eventhough I hated it. The term; HaTeD not HaTe. So I did hate it but not now. Coz I found that its very interesting. And I'm taking the challenge of hers of able to work+study+succeed.

Teaching period;
my dear students have taught me bout, how I myself should study, persevere and have fun.
Taught me to wake up early ( Thanx Malie! =] )
Taught me more on psychology parallel to what my Maths teacher is teaching, also bout psychology. (He seems like a motivator to

So tell me, is being busy a hindrance or burden? It depends whether you want to think of it as it is.
Is learning solely in class? It can be anywhere!
I LOVE Learning!


Being 19 years old, carrying the title of a student in A-levels program for Engineering and working part-time as a teacher.

Is that matured to you?

Probably the questions are,

"why work?"
"at an early age, is there something else besides study more important?"
and yadda3...

When your life is surrounded by different attitudes you feel is inappropiate and it seems to snake down to you,...

When your life is entangled in a jumble of money issues,...

When your life is enrolled in a series of personal change,...

You know you have to do something about it.

So I ask again, is it matured enough?

Katze, Cats, Kucing, Al-Qitt...

Today I wrote a letter concerning my imaginary friend who has a problem with her husband. Guess what? They fought because of her husband's cat!!
The cat, said my so-called friend, is so hyper, always jumping onto the dining table, sleeping on her bed and went into her closet. lol


I was supposed to help her out. I dunno. I really thought her cat is a totally awesome and great one! I LOVE lively and hyper cats (kittens especially!!!)

tired out after a kilometer of adventure...zzz...

What we discussed in class:
Man kann von der Katze Beruhigungsmittel geben.
(one can get tranquilizing moments with the cat)
Die Katze ist eine gute Begleitung. Warum? Es ist eine gute Zuhoerer!
(the cat is a good company when youre alone. Why? Coz it is a superb listener!)
Die Katze brauch trainieren...
(The cat should be given training to be nice and, er, civilized)

Orange sticks to me and NEVER wanna let me go!! (at my kampung)

Man! This essay makes me crave to own my own hyper random lively cat!!
Been thinking to have it from a kitten.

the cats in GMI. *sigh, theyre all grown up now...

miss ya, brownie... =(

UiTM Debate; Australs

Hey there! Debate again? Perhaps. I'm still in the midst of the mist. (new quotation? Yikes!)

So someone asked me; how to debate the Australs style?

I believe it is simpler than I thought it was initially.
Do you know Asean Parliamentary style? Then Australs style is similar, only difference is that Australs style doesn't have POIs. Thats about it!! haha
Easy, huh?

Australs style focuses on the arguments of your case, so you put your arguments, points, rebuttals, POIs and whatever ingredients to make your speech delicious into your speech. Make it concrete and solid.
Too bad, I actually miss those days where people spike each other with sharp POIs. (thats an honest remark, fyi)

Anyway, for those interested, do participate in the UiTM ICRC Debate this 11th-13th June 2010. Its Australs style!!

Physics Foundation

Discovering these facts are surely surprising.

One, when they say (and i quote) "energy cannot be created nor destroyed", my friend reminded me that its a query sentence. And then I see what he saw.
OMG!!! Its an atheist statement!!! Allah creates whatever He wishes, so there's nothing that can't be created nor destroyed by Him.
Then again, probably we can say that energy is always transferred or converted into other forms, or maybe it is conserved 'in a system of a reaction'.

Two, is when my lecturer told us that energy is factually equal to mass of the object. Really???
Ok, too much new Physics input for me today!

Spoonfeeding vs Self-exploration

There's a new study system for the Diploma students here in GMi; PBL (Problem-Based Learning) or in other words, Student-Centered Concept.
This system is to inculcate the spirit of learning through experience and self-curiosity of the students, where they are basically given a problem and instructed to find out the answers.
The steps are simple;
1. They find out the answers.
2. They present the answers.
3. The answers are verified by the lecturers.
Pretty much fun, because they have to do self-exploration.

The thing is, I believe majority of Malaysian students are so comfortable with the spoonfeeding way that they find it hard, or worse, burdening and pointless to imply the PBL method.
Right now, a few of them have already approached me to help them out (in other words, teach them about it)
Which now I feel guilty because I believe I am now going against the principle and objective of the PBL method by helping them out. They were supposed to explore, not to be taught.

This is so not working well. Another addition of thought-provoking issue. Which concludes my collected issues:
1. How to brainwash my siblings.
2. How to nurture fresh, healthy and proactive mindset amongst Malaysian future generations.
3. How to control self-attitude and inner-self (not to be explained here)
4. and now, How to support and increase the efficiency of this method.

Any bright ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks for your opinions and support on building the better future.


in a debate, each sides has to give their Burden of Proof (B.O.P) regardless of whichever sides you're in.
in life, when giving a B.O.P, it usually is because you want something. which brings us to a simple conclusion that when you've succesfully secured it, you may have what you want.
but for some reasons, most of us (or probably only me, don't prevail or acknowledge the fact that 'if'' the B.O.P is not proven, what will happen.
and now, i'm in for a fix.
because i took it lightly.
because i took a heavier Burden of Proof.
meaning more difficult to prove.

Asean Logics Kuala Lumpur 2010

What I will post here will be:
1. The experience I got there.
2. The issue and points I got there.

At GMi,
we were supposed to start moving to IIUM by 7am. But guess what? We started hitting the road at 8.30am!! Damn! I was so pissed off!!

start of the program. The first issue brought forth was an introduction of ASEAN. What is ASEAN? It is an organization of Asean countries, which currently their mission is to create a 1Asean Community, just like the EU. Speech given by Mr Haji Zafri, vice president of PEMBINA and Ms Rabiatul Adawiyah, vice President of UiTM SRC.
Further in the forum, they gave explanations of this mission in the perspectives of Islam and also IPT, focusing more on youths as pertaining to the Program's objective.
So many things I asked, all of which I see has so much contradiction and hindrance from the real world. (I'll explain the issue brought forth here in the 2nd part)

Then the second issue is more on the youths' perspective; how exactly they can attain the objective of Asean and what obstacles we face. The speakers were brother Ibrahim Sani, former debater of IIUM and Dr Farish A Noor, world renowned social scientist.
Their speech was totally excellent! Superb! Awesome!
They presented,
how to engage with the current status quo, what is our first step to achieve this 1Asean Community starting from school and later on, what quality is required to ensure we are able to accomplish our mission. He said, it is better if we had no experience ourselves, so that we will have more freedom to govern our field with more creativity. (by brother Ibrahim)
how the youths evolved over the years. He really described it from the very beginning of history like Syed Burhanuddin Al-Helmy and Yusuf Mustafa, till today. How exactly we, the current youths, mostly lost the burning spirit of 'youth movements' due to the 'youths culture'. Did you know, that youths are the sole reason/entity that causes Social Change? (by Dr Farish)
I tried to convey some things I think is crucial to complete the package they are giving us, but those delegates took our chances as participants to ask them! Like, they got a whole ten days before to do research and a whole hour after this to their own and they're taking our time? i was really frustrated!!

Then the third session was the presentation of results of research by the delegates.
Finally the closing speeches by the invited VIPs which one of them took almost an hour! lol I assumed most of us were sleeping off, even me!!

Finally, it was time to go home around 7pm. Tired, yeah. But I got valuable lessons too. Didnt go for Physics class that night. Unable to attend.huhu

1. When instilling unity into youths, the politicians seemed to do the opposite of this.
2. To start exposing the youths to beneficial social activities ie ASEAN stuffs during tertiary level is not so efficient, isn't it? I mean, it should start from the primary stage in other words, to change our ways of educating the students.
3. How exactly are we to determine our own paths when our very and only way to become what we want eg politicians are officiated or should I say, filtered by the politicians themselves. Whats with our very own Exam-Oriented System and not to mention all the entities taught to us during school, isn't it unfeasible to accomplish the objective?
4. Since Youth Culture negates the growth of Youth Movement, is it possible to synchronize the two of them, since we (youths) are already attached to it?
5. Never give a public speech more than 10 minutes. You won't achieve your goal.



The Most Prestigious 9th IIUM Interschool Debating Championship 2010 is here!!

Fewer schools, yet addition of another category; Arabic.
Same dinner, yet the multimedia presentation never failed to steal my heart.
This year, I'm looking forward to four schools;
Sri Ayesha Islamic International School (SAIS),
Maahad Hamidiah Kajang,
Kolej Islam Sultan Alam Shah (KISAS)
Sains Tengku Abdullah (SEMESTA).

And the result.....

Can't tell now. Secret. Geheimniss. hehe
Anyway, it teaches me a lot on being a teacher as well as a friend. Its more than just accompanying; its what you do while accompanying.

Eventhough I know I have trials this week ( the week of the debate!! ), where many might think I'm crazy doing this when this trial is coming up, but I have my own agenda.
To prove that I can handle 'debate' with my studies.

I sorta did it.



After Friday prayers, I dashed straight to Gombak using the train to be fetched by Faiz. The convoy consisted of me, Faiz, Zamir, Syazwan, Farhan Nur Diyana and Farhana.
We're going to SEMESTA!!!
On the way, upon reaching the toll, the car in front of us (its a Merc) tsangkut at the Smarttag. Jenuh dia cuba sentuh kad di TnG skrin, xberhasil. Sampaikan dia tpaksa kluar kreta, hulur2 Smarttag dia kat sensor!
Kitorang kat blkg dah gelak gila2!
At Bentong Mosque, I saw something; a Savvy parking in the middle of the road. Macam xbsalah je dia. Seltsam...
Never seen someone doing that throughout my life before.
Setibanya di SEMESTA...
A hundred and twenty students were waiting for our arrival! lol
Seriously, we weren't expecting that amount of people. But, think bout it again, its an appropiate amount to have a good start to establish our debate culture.
All we did was just introducing ourselves and sharing our experience.
(my knees were shaking. Nasib baik pakai seluar tebal, blh cover)
That night after the session, me and the rest went to Warung Zul to discuss what to do for the next day (baru dapat jadual). We were not prepared as in what to teach actually, and we had a head-cracking time trying to find the suitable activity for the dear students. That time was the first time I'm cooperating with them in doing something like this and I can feel the euphoria of critical thinking coursing through my veins! (even though I was reeeeeeeeaaally sleepy that time)
Knowing I'm not as good as them, I practiced that night a bit for tomorrow.
Man, the hotel room was VERY cold!!!
Susah giler nak bangun pagi!!! Brrrrr!!!
Our english category was held in the meeting room, EQUALLY cold! Mostly theories on debating.
I'm getting better at confronting them this day. Not shaking anymore. And I did my job to convey what I have to.
Zamir and Faiz were really great in their job.
Gymnasium; where the war begins.
The students were to be in groups of countries and tell the 'world' that they deserve to live while the world is drowning in the melting of ice at the polars in this global warming period. Only place to survive; Mount Everest.
Totally fun! So many brilliant and creative ideas thrown out by them!
I liked the perspective they took; different. Malaysia talked bout politics, South Africa touched on their ability to adapt, Palestine takes sympathy as their asset and USA, as usual, their power.
Debate pulak petang tu. Sambil tu, ada students yg kne stick to us meanwhile. I tried my best to have them speaking, but, whoa! its totally not as easy as ABC. I got a girl who's reeeaaally shy (in blue) and kept smiling in a cute manner; but not speaking!
So, what I did was:
1. Read a text - to hear their voice
2. Recite a sentence - to magnify their voice
3. Act - to instill emotions in their speech
Yeah, it went quite well to me.
The night was absolutely different experience for me.
It was the FIRST TIME EVER me having my audience laughing throughout my speech! I was so excited!!
*credits to Sri Ayesha for this =D
Malam tu gak, ada someone approached me to speak a few troubles he's facing himself.
*BEEP! Error, can't story anymore on this*
Last day.
We, Muhammad, Zamir and Faiz, gave a public speaking demo. All of different types.
I also managed to teach them a few extra stuffs:
1. Difference between listen and hear
2. Songs - what to listen and why listen

There were public speaking competition amongst the interested and haven't-spoken-yet persons. Zamir even organised a PASUKAN SORAK! Zamir, you are 'someone'!
My speech in the closing ceremony, debate style, was something I picked from the previous year's IIUM Debate speech by Faiz himself.
And lastly, we presented something they've always done to us; bdiri dan ucap sama2 "terima kasih SEMESTA!" lol
The ending was the best in my life.
We were swarmed by the students to get our autograph, e-mails and other stuffs. I finished the last (probably i'm more famous, hehe)

.1 Believe in yourself.
.2 Never reject something unless proven wrong and not beneficial.
.3 Everyone has the potential for anything. The thing is, to find the trigger to unleash it.
.4 My messages are not the normal "all the best", coz I believe in effective and thought provoking messages do change a person.

Tagged persons here are:
Mia, Amir Gaga, Arif, Taufiq, Eizleen, Haiqal, Dina, Vishnu, Adil
(yg mana xde, sori ye. xingat nama. hehe)

Finally I'm reading the News!

Here are some updates I got which got up my nerves.

Some guy said, we must reduce this so-called big problem of anak luar nikah fast. How? By giving sex education to the society ie how to do 'the thing' without getting babies eg using condoms, IUV injections (maybe not IUV, and pills. What's more "interesting", he gave a suggestion to reduce HIV cases by giving free injection needles to drug addicts.
His stand was, to tackle the BIGGEST problem first ie the massive anak luar nikah spawning first, then tackle bout the behavior and social problems of the society.
-The Star, Thursday 1 April 2010

I have one thing to say. BULLSHIT.

This guy totally (to me) don't know what he's saying!
To rebut all his points, I have one point to crush em all.
Just imagine, if you are trying to finish all the cookies on the table at home, not wanting them to exist anymore there. No matter how many you eat, its just gonna come back as long as there are shops selling it, trucks delivering it, factories producing it and human heads who thought about it.
And even more will come when the house members found out it finishes quickly, they'll surely buy more, therefore you'll have to eat more to finish them.
To eliminate the problem, you have to go to the source, no matter how slow it is.
In this case, tackle the younger generations first, as they're the ones growing up and still able to be amended. For the current generation, they need to be shown hard, black-n-white evidence of the worst consequences of their obnoxious acts.

This has burned my spirit to be a teacher even more.

The blizzard causing a student-filled bus to crash down a bridge nearby Glasgow.
Floods all around.
Blazing heat and continuous rain, in weird orientation in Malaysia (Bangi, my place).
Haze covering the atmosphere.
So many environmental problems and issues and yet, we seem to say, "how's the day?" as if nothing is abnormal.
The thing is, many campaigns have been done to preserve and 'repair' the environment.
Go Green theme in many events eg GMi Open Day (my place again. hehe)
No Plastic Day every Saturday in supermarkets.
But I've seen some scenes that I think we need to do something to clear our heads, I mean, especially privately if we must.
Someone scolding the cashier over the loads of things he had to carry over to his car due to no plastic given to contain them. When told he must pay for the plastics, he got even mad. Lastly, I don't even know what happened coz I have dismissed myself away. But I saw what I have to.

Lets think about, what's in his head at that time, and what is so wrong about the whole plan of 'going Green'?

Some Tips though

When you are debating in PPM or district level types, you must remember that the rules are different for one significant thing;

Your adjudicators are language teachers mostly.

Therefore, bear in mind that you use excellent grammars, various vocabs and miscellaneous conjugations, and those idioms and catchy phrases.

(phew! You'll be wishing you haven't skipped your English class. haha)

Debating Techies

Im really active in this!
Im just giving tips n theories, so there will certainly be some loopholes here n there. Anyway, give it a try!

The Know-It-All
Reading too much, explaining by using the Comparison method n Consequences prevailing, is a way for those who feel themselves not so extroverted.

The Book Author
Getting the BIG PICTURE of the main topic, getting to know the 5Wives n 1Husband, makes a person who likes to read fictions n novels or who loves to do story-telling get the upper hand.
It can give a strong confidence in oneself to defend or oppose their side, coz you've known what its all about.

The 'Pin'
Fancy being a kinaesthetic person? Or you just can't get the energy contained? Being a person with so much energy, its gonna b a huge asset if you can actually make your points related with issues you've known ie the Consequences. One by one, you give them no chance of resurfacing when you pinned their points to the ground with multiple issues n aftermaths.


A self-reinforcing solitary wave (a wave packet or pulse) that maintains its shape while it travels at constant speed.

(The term "dispersive effects" refers to a property of certain systems where the speed of the waves varies according to frequency.)
The soliton phenomenon was first described by
John Scott Russell (1808–1882) who observed a solitary wave in the Union Canal in Scotland. He reproduced the phenomenon in a wave tank and named it the "Wave of Translation".
Properties of soliton:-
  1. They are of permanent form;
  2. They are localised within a region;
  3. They can interact with other solitons, and emerge from the collision unchanged, except for a phase shift.
Some scientists use the term soliton for phenomena that do not quite have these three properties (for instance, the 'light bullets' of nonlinear optics are often called solitons despite losing energy during interaction).

There is also the non-linear Kerr effect: the refractive index of a material at a given frequency depends on the light's amplitude or strength. If the pulse has just the right shape, the Kerr effect will exactly cancel the dispersion effect, and the pulse's shape won't change over time: a soliton.

Water wave properties:

  • The waves are stable, and can travel over very large distances (normal waves would tend to either flatten out, or steepen and topple over)
  • The speed depends on the size of the wave, and its width on the depth of water.
  • Unlike normal waves they will never merge – so a small wave is overtaken by a large one, rather than the two combining.
  • If a wave is too big for the depth of water, it splits into two, one big and one small.
This is one physics topic which I am really impressed at. Subhanallah! Among all changing
waves, there is a wave that is constant. (Get what I mean?)

Some videos you will be awing at:


When you really observe, you will actually see that what you learn is in everything you do.

That is what I saw recently during my outing.

I observed and experienced CENTRIPETAL FORCE on the KTMB and on a friend's (Dzul's) sporty motorbike.
I studied IMPULSIVE FORCE and MOMENTUM by looking at people pouring in and out of the KTMB doors.
I awed at the HYDRAULIC system while observing the huge fountain at KLCC.

Saying that, OBSERVANCE is something really worth having, when you have the intention to learn the secrets of the world.


When I heard my siblings having tuition classes for almost ALL of their subjects, I was amazed! Why the lot??

This situation leads me into another deep thinking...

Why tuition?
Not good enough in school?
How do people get qualifications to be a tuition teacher?
Is it because they teach and drill students differently?

Once, it brought back the memories when I am not chosen to give tuition to my own brother.
(really bad impact it gave me)

Somehow, I feel myself being too outreaching (thinking too much of these. huhu)


I've gone to a mosque in Subang Jaya tonight. It was beautiful with full-colour from top to bottom. My dad said it is the best managed mosque in Selangor.


The thing is, I have questions forming up bout this issue.
When I take a look at the various colours, my mind flashed back to the instant my friend said, "Hari Raya dgn Raya yg len sume sama je, xde beza dah."
That made me think, this mosque looks like a kindergarten.
For me, eventhough its good, but every place, every thing has its own functions. And for a mosque, being plain but clean, neat and tidy is a good characteristic for its purpose.
For, if you made it look colourful and expensive, these are the outcomes that I've forecasted:
1. The colours and designs will distract the eyes during prayers.
2. When it looks fancy, it tends to bring thieves to disturb the harmony of the mosque. It also can end up having the mosque locked up after prayer times, in order to avoid people like those from entering (which makes others who wanna pray, can't pray).

Okay, so maybe I am wrong or right, but I do think it hits the nail on the wall doesn't it? (what an idiom is it??haha)

Advanced Tips

Debaters and Essay writers and Public speakers;


Here we're gonna delve into two basics:
Points Clarification
Points Justification

Points Clarification

Three simple steps:
1.Tell what u r gonna tell
3.Tell what u've told

If u read a book, there's gonna b an intro, the contents and the conclusion. It applies the same concept here.

Points Justification

Three easy steps acronym-ed as P.E.E:

These three entities will b a complete set to score in essays, or anything involving explanations.
This method falls under 2.Tell in Points Clarification.

All the best everyone!