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UiTM Debate; Australs

Hey there! Debate again? Perhaps. I'm still in the midst of the mist. (new quotation? Yikes!)

So someone asked me; how to debate the Australs style?

I believe it is simpler than I thought it was initially.
Do you know Asean Parliamentary style? Then Australs style is similar, only difference is that Australs style doesn't have POIs. Thats about it!! haha
Easy, huh?

Australs style focuses on the arguments of your case, so you put your arguments, points, rebuttals, POIs and whatever ingredients to make your speech delicious into your speech. Make it concrete and solid.
Too bad, I actually miss those days where people spike each other with sharp POIs. (thats an honest remark, fyi)

Anyway, for those interested, do participate in the UiTM ICRC Debate this 11th-13th June 2010. Its Australs style!!


Kamalia Hasni said...

Wow, i heard u were joining, all the best!!

EmberPen said...

i was?
got something else on that day. too bad, i badly wanna go....