Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-


Peace be upon you, fellow readers.

In this post, I would like to make us all to sit and think for a moment about the Life. It's also known as 'thought-provoking'.

Situation 1:
I was sitting by myself after 'Asr prayer in my room today, when I suddenly caught a glimpse of my A-levels Books and my Quran. At that instance, my mind began to ponder;

"I have 24 hours in a day. To complete 1 juzu' recitation of the Quran, I need about an hour. Prayers of 5 times a day including the Dzikr takes only another hour. I sleep for 5-6 hours a day. And there's another 16 hours for study and everyday life-routine. To think that I have allocated only 2 hours for Allah, and still I'm complaining! What a fool I am!"

Situation 2:
Last Thursday was like a day off. No class at all except for 2hours of Physics!! But when I looked back at my books, there're still so many assignments to be done and I was left dumbfounded without much idea how to solve all those mathematical problems, coz I'm not so good in maths. Then I thought of something;

"I've been facing the same ol maths for 11 years. What is it that hinders me from understanding it well? Is it my ignorance towards it, or my way of accepting it? Has the quality of kiasu and sexism played a role in this?"

Situation 3:
Yesterday, I was downright stressed with something. So, I look up blogs and read some. Then, it came to me;

"For so long I've never believed in good friends, and quite a few years I've been holding on to this principle of not sharing my burden with others as to not to burden them instead. And, I also have been suppressing any anger, not voicing it out to anyone since I'm in Year 3. I don't want to hurt others. But, now I've heard from my friend saying my face shows my emotion. It gets red all over. Then, I remembered my close friend had said that it doesn't hurt to share our feelings with friends, not to burden them, but to lessen our depression. It gives us hope that we are still appreciated, and, we need to voice out our anger in a controlled state to correct someone's mistake, not to hurt them. So now, where am I?"

3 situation I'm putting forward. So, maybe a bit of thinking would do us good?

Going Under

Just stopping by to clean up my blog from dust, network cobwebs, and rubbish.
Oh, two things.



To make a change in life,...

To create @ find our so-called true identity,...

To expand our influence,...

To face bigger obstacles,...

It's not easy. And I guess I learnt that from the hard way.

A few questions though;

Being too honest. Good?

Being too helpful and nice to others. Good?

Being happy-go-lucky person as much as we can so as to make the world a brighter place to live in. Good?

Being too generous. Good?

Being too optimistic. Good?

Maybe most of you have heard these Qs hordes of times before. Sorry to resurface this back up again.
So , please give me feedbacks with elaborations. I don't really like one-liner statements.
Its kinda important for documentation, if you ask me.

ps: sori kwn2 kalau aku xfollow blog korg sgt skrg. aku jarang dpt masa utk online.

Reuniting 3 in 1

This is the story of three events synchronized into one.....

First event : KISAS Reunion

Mai pekena sat buah2 ni~!
Dah lamo ambo xdapek suap kawan ni~~mmMM

Bilik kenangan C303

Second event : INTEC-KISAS Reunion

Tulang belakang majlis ni


Syaimak memberi ucapan

Furqon yg masih pegang rekod manusia tertinggi dia.. (tp dh berisi skit)

ex-KU/TKU yg masih setia dgn baju prepnye...

Aku dh lama xpegang kpala dia ni. Usap skit...

Weh, jangan pergi dlu! Ana xmasuk gambo lg!!

Third event : KMS-GMI Reunion

Ni sume yg dari KMS; Aqil, Alia, Nabihah n Kak Aisyah bersama adiknya, Alia

Aqil blanja Dominoes sempena reunion kecilan ni. Thanks Aqil!!

Moga kita dapat melaksanakan lagi reunion seumpama ini insyaAllah...

ps:-Whoever wants extra pics to grab, do send your requests to me (limited to INTEC-KISAS n KISAS reunion only)

A Day on Friday 7th

With Allah, things are never gonna be a coincidence.

Today I went to KL Sentral and KLCC.
To make it simple, I'll just story the things that is concerned here.

I went to KLCC, met with Nur Hazirah Nordin with her friend.
Then, I went to Friday prayer there and I met Izzuddin my cousin.
Then, I got to see a really BIG FAN of Baihaqi and Abdullah Hafidz, Liyana.

Things I've learnt today:
1. went to KL Sentral; never have known the place to buy intercities tickets if I haven't accompany my friend there.
2. went to KLCC; never would've known how long I've not been there if I haven't got lost trying to find my friend there (chose a place outside the KLCC perimeter, very good....)

And after getting home, I taught my 2 cousins AddMaths about Circular Measure. Never would've known AddMaths was that easy!!

Hahaha, meaning to say I wasn't that smart before, aye?


Cant help it....

I liked...


Wanna stay close to....

But, I can't...

Don't wanna do so....

Is the feeling inside me taking me to the right path?....

Am I into the right person?....

Can this person really be my soulmate?....

Right choice? Right action? Right time?