Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

A Day on Friday 7th

With Allah, things are never gonna be a coincidence.

Today I went to KL Sentral and KLCC.
To make it simple, I'll just story the things that is concerned here.

I went to KLCC, met with Nur Hazirah Nordin with her friend.
Then, I went to Friday prayer there and I met Izzuddin my cousin.
Then, I got to see a really BIG FAN of Baihaqi and Abdullah Hafidz, Liyana.

Things I've learnt today:
1. went to KL Sentral; never have known the place to buy intercities tickets if I haven't accompany my friend there.
2. went to KLCC; never would've known how long I've not been there if I haven't got lost trying to find my friend there (chose a place outside the KLCC perimeter, very good....)

And after getting home, I taught my 2 cousins AddMaths about Circular Measure. Never would've known AddMaths was that easy!!

Hahaha, meaning to say I wasn't that smart before, aye?


cikdoktorfalsafah said...

Circular Measure.
well I am doing my review on that chapter.
my classmates had been taught bout that. hopefully not so far for me to catch up.
take teacher's notes frm friend and study by myself.
Rabbi yassir wala tu'asir.

but uh oh
come and teach me, too.

EmberPen said...

blh je. u want me to go to u or u come to me?
dun worry, its free of charge. hahaha

cikdoktorfalsafah said...

macam ape je :)
well are you going to come to me?
next time kot.


Perempuan beremosi tinggi. said...

what did you tell bai you seriously better tell me i cannot believe you told bai you are so dead you better not bump into me again because you are really dead if i ever meet you again i am so going to kill you what did you tell bai oh my god i cannot believe you told bai how could you that is so evil what did you tell him you better tell me you really better tell me i am so going to kill you you are so dead i am going to kill you and make you a sandwich or something as evil as that oh my god what did you tell bai oh my god oh my god i was so cuak okay oh my god how could you tell him oh my god


EmberPen said...

hey, so very sorry! i didnt know u dont want me to tell him that!
bsides, thats what friends do. we were close, so i must tell him what is related to him right.
ok, so i was wrong...what can i do to make things better? seriously, u wanna bash me up? fine, go ahead. i'll b waiting.
but sorry ok.

Perempuan beremosi tinggi. said...

i thought u tak pergi to the reunion thing, i kan dah asked u, u said u tak pergiiiiii. and i asked u also u rapat gila dengan bai tak u said nooooooooooo.

EmberPen said...

what i said was,"i may not be going" or in bm "x pergi KOT", bukan xpergi. bsides, whats the difference if i go or not to the reunion? im still gonna tell him since its related to him.
and i did say i wasnt rapat GILE to baihaqi, yes, but still rapat.
u wanna blame me for it? Fine. Be it. if i were u n was asking bout khadijah all da time n u told her bout it, so what? i was just asking.
n forgive me for being rude, but since ive told him and it had happened b4 u can stop me, y dont u just let it go n make this event a lesson 'to tell sum1 to keep it a secret if u want it to be a secret', k?

Perempuan beremosi tinggi. said...

whoa. i thought i was the one who should be angry. =/

EmberPen said...

yeah rite......
thats what u think. so i'll leave it to u; wanna settle this in any way u want, im ready to face it. just tell me how.

Anonymous said...

lwonyo slipa furqon
bleh pnjm????