Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Katze, Cats, Kucing, Al-Qitt...

Today I wrote a letter concerning my imaginary friend who has a problem with her husband. Guess what? They fought because of her husband's cat!!
The cat, said my so-called friend, is so hyper, always jumping onto the dining table, sleeping on her bed and went into her closet. lol


I was supposed to help her out. I dunno. I really thought her cat is a totally awesome and great one! I LOVE lively and hyper cats (kittens especially!!!)

tired out after a kilometer of adventure...zzz...

What we discussed in class:
Man kann von der Katze Beruhigungsmittel geben.
(one can get tranquilizing moments with the cat)
Die Katze ist eine gute Begleitung. Warum? Es ist eine gute Zuhoerer!
(the cat is a good company when youre alone. Why? Coz it is a superb listener!)
Die Katze brauch trainieren...
(The cat should be given training to be nice and, er, civilized)

Orange sticks to me and NEVER wanna let me go!! (at my kampung)

Man! This essay makes me crave to own my own hyper random lively cat!!
Been thinking to have it from a kitten.

the cats in GMI. *sigh, theyre all grown up now...

miss ya, brownie... =(

UiTM Debate; Australs

Hey there! Debate again? Perhaps. I'm still in the midst of the mist. (new quotation? Yikes!)

So someone asked me; how to debate the Australs style?

I believe it is simpler than I thought it was initially.
Do you know Asean Parliamentary style? Then Australs style is similar, only difference is that Australs style doesn't have POIs. Thats about it!! haha
Easy, huh?

Australs style focuses on the arguments of your case, so you put your arguments, points, rebuttals, POIs and whatever ingredients to make your speech delicious into your speech. Make it concrete and solid.
Too bad, I actually miss those days where people spike each other with sharp POIs. (thats an honest remark, fyi)

Anyway, for those interested, do participate in the UiTM ICRC Debate this 11th-13th June 2010. Its Australs style!!

Physics Foundation

Discovering these facts are surely surprising.

One, when they say (and i quote) "energy cannot be created nor destroyed", my friend reminded me that its a query sentence. And then I see what he saw.
OMG!!! Its an atheist statement!!! Allah creates whatever He wishes, so there's nothing that can't be created nor destroyed by Him.
Then again, probably we can say that energy is always transferred or converted into other forms, or maybe it is conserved 'in a system of a reaction'.

Two, is when my lecturer told us that energy is factually equal to mass of the object. Really???
Ok, too much new Physics input for me today!

Spoonfeeding vs Self-exploration

There's a new study system for the Diploma students here in GMi; PBL (Problem-Based Learning) or in other words, Student-Centered Concept.
This system is to inculcate the spirit of learning through experience and self-curiosity of the students, where they are basically given a problem and instructed to find out the answers.
The steps are simple;
1. They find out the answers.
2. They present the answers.
3. The answers are verified by the lecturers.
Pretty much fun, because they have to do self-exploration.

The thing is, I believe majority of Malaysian students are so comfortable with the spoonfeeding way that they find it hard, or worse, burdening and pointless to imply the PBL method.
Right now, a few of them have already approached me to help them out (in other words, teach them about it)
Which now I feel guilty because I believe I am now going against the principle and objective of the PBL method by helping them out. They were supposed to explore, not to be taught.

This is so not working well. Another addition of thought-provoking issue. Which concludes my collected issues:
1. How to brainwash my siblings.
2. How to nurture fresh, healthy and proactive mindset amongst Malaysian future generations.
3. How to control self-attitude and inner-self (not to be explained here)
4. and now, How to support and increase the efficiency of this method.

Any bright ideas would be very appreciated. Thanks for your opinions and support on building the better future.


in a debate, each sides has to give their Burden of Proof (B.O.P) regardless of whichever sides you're in.
in life, when giving a B.O.P, it usually is because you want something. which brings us to a simple conclusion that when you've succesfully secured it, you may have what you want.
but for some reasons, most of us (or probably only me, don't prevail or acknowledge the fact that 'if'' the B.O.P is not proven, what will happen.
and now, i'm in for a fix.
because i took it lightly.
because i took a heavier Burden of Proof.
meaning more difficult to prove.