Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Inspired! WOW!!

When you were taught before by people to be the best...

Right, such good introduction.
Now I just got this wonderful speech from Deputy Director General in Education, MARA, hence I decided to post it in here.

He spoke about nurturing global competitive workforce in GMi.
One, he said, is how exactly the lecturers need to approach the students. Its not giving them the ideas and facts which could be obtained from the bloody Internet, but to nurture them on 'how to learn'.
Second, he also told us to NEVER be the prisoners of experience. That got me thinking; how in the world are we to imply that when people said "learn through experience"? What he actually meant was to not be afraid to try and make a change even though the past gave us negative feedback. Nice eh?
Third, he revealed to us three locked doors which we need to unlock;
1. mind
2. culture
3. asset
Fourth, he even gave me one extra fact. There are 4 entities in us;
-EQ-IQ-SQ- and the latest I got -VI-(Virtual Intelligence)

Cool huh?
Well, I'm clearly learning from my experience from other people I met here, apparently. haha

What I did...

Once upon a time, a mysterious teen in red shirt with a green-striped scarf arrived in a very well known school in Kajang. This teen went on teaching his students aka juniors, as usual, about debate. One thing about this teen is he likes to make things easier and different. This was what he taught:
1. Roles/Position in Debate
2. Adventurous Spirit
3. Simplicity in Ideology

1. It is about what does the PM, DPM and Whip do in debate basically, one by one, in an orderly manner.
2. To be able to bombard and burn down the house with rocking extravaganza style and good points, a debater must be able to face any motions he gets, and be prepared for it. Common line for them, "Bring it on, dude!"
3. Everything is simpler to understand and to achieve when we do it nice and simple. Hence, what to do? 3 steps; content exposure, spill the beans and wrap up. Seriously, you won't be missed by that.

Finally, this teen completed his mission and went of to return to his humble home; hostel in GMi. Huu~ Bliss... XD

When I was ill~

I didnt know that extensive sleep can cure headache. Fascinating isnt it?

Different surroundings can affect your health status too, which is what was recommended by my lecturer to go home and not be in the hostel when I was sick lately.
Didnt actually proved the fact but it was proven by this occurrence. Wow huh?

Mental problem is actually an illness which can come and go, and also has its cure? Awesomely freaky...

BP debate

British Parliamentary debate is one awesome debate that focuses on strategy and quick-thinking.
Just when you think debate in Asean Parliamentary is tough enough, you have yet to encounter one step higher of a level in BP. haha jokes

One debate that I'm looking forward to participate this year, which will be my last involvement insyaAllah, is the IIU BP debate this 13th-15th of August.

Here's my understanding of how the debate will commence:

1. Two debaters per team, two teams on each Govt and Opp sides resulting in four teams per debate and eight debaters per House. (thats a lot!)

2. Comprises of an Opening and Closing Govt, and Opening and Closing Opp.

3. The flow is the same as any other debates, starting with Prime Minister, Opp leader, DPM, DOL, then the 1st speaker from the closing Govt, 1st speaker of Opp, 2nd speaker closing Govt and finally 2nd closing Opp.

4. Every debaters can bring forth new arguments except the final speaker of the closing Opp.

5. The winning steps are counted by points;
3points - 1st place
2points - 2nd place
1point - 3rd place
0points - 4th place

6. Yeah, it seems kinda ridiculous, like, how can the Opening and Closing distinguish the wins when they're on the same sides? Remember, its a strategy game, so what you must do is to devise a totally different plan of attack (case) from your rivals.
eg. if the Opening has been talking bout Economies thus the Closing should deliver points regarding Politics.

7. To break, it depends on how many points are collected at the end of the day.

Yep, see you guys in the tournament!

Advent; to the Top

Being a student of GMi taking A-level course, has made my career a little too time-constraining but in terms of experience-wise, it clearly gave me a double profit.
Try and analyze this situation:

Class period (roughly): 8am-4pm (excluding Physics classes)
Teaching period: 3.40pm-5.30pm (approximate value)
Assignments (roughly per day): 1 German essay, 2 Chemistry tutorials (+-20 Qs), 10 Maths questions, 10 Physics questions
Position: President of English Club, current Orientation Committee (OC), teacher, eldest brother in the family

Study period;
my Maths teacher adviced us that when you're used to hardworking and perseverance in completing tasks at the given time, it gives a terrific payoff at the end.
And indeed I am applying that now in my life, slow, solid and steady...
my Chemistry teacher has told me to study Chemistry eventhough I hated it. The term; HaTeD not HaTe. So I did hate it but not now. Coz I found that its very interesting. And I'm taking the challenge of hers of able to work+study+succeed.

Teaching period;
my dear students have taught me bout, how I myself should study, persevere and have fun.
Taught me to wake up early ( Thanx Malie! =] )
Taught me more on psychology parallel to what my Maths teacher is teaching, also bout psychology. (He seems like a motivator to

So tell me, is being busy a hindrance or burden? It depends whether you want to think of it as it is.
Is learning solely in class? It can be anywhere!
I LOVE Learning!