Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Advent; to the Top

Being a student of GMi taking A-level course, has made my career a little too time-constraining but in terms of experience-wise, it clearly gave me a double profit.
Try and analyze this situation:

Class period (roughly): 8am-4pm (excluding Physics classes)
Teaching period: 3.40pm-5.30pm (approximate value)
Assignments (roughly per day): 1 German essay, 2 Chemistry tutorials (+-20 Qs), 10 Maths questions, 10 Physics questions
Position: President of English Club, current Orientation Committee (OC), teacher, eldest brother in the family

Study period;
my Maths teacher adviced us that when you're used to hardworking and perseverance in completing tasks at the given time, it gives a terrific payoff at the end.
And indeed I am applying that now in my life, slow, solid and steady...
my Chemistry teacher has told me to study Chemistry eventhough I hated it. The term; HaTeD not HaTe. So I did hate it but not now. Coz I found that its very interesting. And I'm taking the challenge of hers of able to work+study+succeed.

Teaching period;
my dear students have taught me bout, how I myself should study, persevere and have fun.
Taught me to wake up early ( Thanx Malie! =] )
Taught me more on psychology parallel to what my Maths teacher is teaching, also bout psychology. (He seems like a motivator to

So tell me, is being busy a hindrance or burden? It depends whether you want to think of it as it is.
Is learning solely in class? It can be anywhere!
I LOVE Learning!


Kamalia Hasni said...

Yayy i love learning too!
oh, and ur welcome. waking up early is so much better than sleeping late, lol!

EmberPen said...

haha. agreed.