Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-


When I heard my siblings having tuition classes for almost ALL of their subjects, I was amazed! Why the lot??

This situation leads me into another deep thinking...

Why tuition?
Not good enough in school?
How do people get qualifications to be a tuition teacher?
Is it because they teach and drill students differently?

Once, it brought back the memories when I am not chosen to give tuition to my own brother.
(really bad impact it gave me)

Somehow, I feel myself being too outreaching (thinking too much of these. huhu)


I've gone to a mosque in Subang Jaya tonight. It was beautiful with full-colour from top to bottom. My dad said it is the best managed mosque in Selangor.


The thing is, I have questions forming up bout this issue.
When I take a look at the various colours, my mind flashed back to the instant my friend said, "Hari Raya dgn Raya yg len sume sama je, xde beza dah."
That made me think, this mosque looks like a kindergarten.
For me, eventhough its good, but every place, every thing has its own functions. And for a mosque, being plain but clean, neat and tidy is a good characteristic for its purpose.
For, if you made it look colourful and expensive, these are the outcomes that I've forecasted:
1. The colours and designs will distract the eyes during prayers.
2. When it looks fancy, it tends to bring thieves to disturb the harmony of the mosque. It also can end up having the mosque locked up after prayer times, in order to avoid people like those from entering (which makes others who wanna pray, can't pray).

Okay, so maybe I am wrong or right, but I do think it hits the nail on the wall doesn't it? (what an idiom is it??haha)

Advanced Tips

Debaters and Essay writers and Public speakers;


Here we're gonna delve into two basics:
Points Clarification
Points Justification

Points Clarification

Three simple steps:
1.Tell what u r gonna tell
3.Tell what u've told

If u read a book, there's gonna b an intro, the contents and the conclusion. It applies the same concept here.

Points Justification

Three easy steps acronym-ed as P.E.E:

These three entities will b a complete set to score in essays, or anything involving explanations.
This method falls under 2.Tell in Points Clarification.

All the best everyone!