Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-


After Friday prayers, I dashed straight to Gombak using the train to be fetched by Faiz. The convoy consisted of me, Faiz, Zamir, Syazwan, Farhan Nur Diyana and Farhana.
We're going to SEMESTA!!!
On the way, upon reaching the toll, the car in front of us (its a Merc) tsangkut at the Smarttag. Jenuh dia cuba sentuh kad di TnG skrin, xberhasil. Sampaikan dia tpaksa kluar kreta, hulur2 Smarttag dia kat sensor!
Kitorang kat blkg dah gelak gila2!
At Bentong Mosque, I saw something; a Savvy parking in the middle of the road. Macam xbsalah je dia. Seltsam...
Never seen someone doing that throughout my life before.
Setibanya di SEMESTA...
A hundred and twenty students were waiting for our arrival! lol
Seriously, we weren't expecting that amount of people. But, think bout it again, its an appropiate amount to have a good start to establish our debate culture.
All we did was just introducing ourselves and sharing our experience.
(my knees were shaking. Nasib baik pakai seluar tebal, blh cover)
That night after the session, me and the rest went to Warung Zul to discuss what to do for the next day (baru dapat jadual). We were not prepared as in what to teach actually, and we had a head-cracking time trying to find the suitable activity for the dear students. That time was the first time I'm cooperating with them in doing something like this and I can feel the euphoria of critical thinking coursing through my veins! (even though I was reeeeeeeeaaally sleepy that time)
Knowing I'm not as good as them, I practiced that night a bit for tomorrow.
Man, the hotel room was VERY cold!!!
Susah giler nak bangun pagi!!! Brrrrr!!!
Our english category was held in the meeting room, EQUALLY cold! Mostly theories on debating.
I'm getting better at confronting them this day. Not shaking anymore. And I did my job to convey what I have to.
Zamir and Faiz were really great in their job.
Gymnasium; where the war begins.
The students were to be in groups of countries and tell the 'world' that they deserve to live while the world is drowning in the melting of ice at the polars in this global warming period. Only place to survive; Mount Everest.
Totally fun! So many brilliant and creative ideas thrown out by them!
I liked the perspective they took; different. Malaysia talked bout politics, South Africa touched on their ability to adapt, Palestine takes sympathy as their asset and USA, as usual, their power.
Debate pulak petang tu. Sambil tu, ada students yg kne stick to us meanwhile. I tried my best to have them speaking, but, whoa! its totally not as easy as ABC. I got a girl who's reeeaaally shy (in blue) and kept smiling in a cute manner; but not speaking!
So, what I did was:
1. Read a text - to hear their voice
2. Recite a sentence - to magnify their voice
3. Act - to instill emotions in their speech
Yeah, it went quite well to me.
The night was absolutely different experience for me.
It was the FIRST TIME EVER me having my audience laughing throughout my speech! I was so excited!!
*credits to Sri Ayesha for this =D
Malam tu gak, ada someone approached me to speak a few troubles he's facing himself.
*BEEP! Error, can't story anymore on this*
Last day.
We, Muhammad, Zamir and Faiz, gave a public speaking demo. All of different types.
I also managed to teach them a few extra stuffs:
1. Difference between listen and hear
2. Songs - what to listen and why listen

There were public speaking competition amongst the interested and haven't-spoken-yet persons. Zamir even organised a PASUKAN SORAK! Zamir, you are 'someone'!
My speech in the closing ceremony, debate style, was something I picked from the previous year's IIUM Debate speech by Faiz himself.
And lastly, we presented something they've always done to us; bdiri dan ucap sama2 "terima kasih SEMESTA!" lol
The ending was the best in my life.
We were swarmed by the students to get our autograph, e-mails and other stuffs. I finished the last (probably i'm more famous, hehe)

.1 Believe in yourself.
.2 Never reject something unless proven wrong and not beneficial.
.3 Everyone has the potential for anything. The thing is, to find the trigger to unleash it.
.4 My messages are not the normal "all the best", coz I believe in effective and thought provoking messages do change a person.

Tagged persons here are:
Mia, Amir Gaga, Arif, Taufiq, Eizleen, Haiqal, Dina, Vishnu, Adil
(yg mana xde, sori ye. xingat nama. hehe)


Kamalia Hasni said...

Wow Muhammad, seems like u had an awesome time!!i had fun just reading about it!!lol

EmberPen said...

yup i sure did!
u shouldve been there, u know.

nicoleJacob said...

you indeed are the most famous. haha.what's the 'tagged persons' aboit? dont quite understand. -_-"

nicoleJACOB said...

*about (i mean. spelling error. sorry)

EmberPen said...

its just to mention ur names, my dear juniors. =]

amir izhar;) said...

my name is the second one