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Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Finally I'm reading the News!

Here are some updates I got which got up my nerves.

Some guy said, we must reduce this so-called big problem of anak luar nikah fast. How? By giving sex education to the society ie how to do 'the thing' without getting babies eg using condoms, IUV injections (maybe not IUV, and pills. What's more "interesting", he gave a suggestion to reduce HIV cases by giving free injection needles to drug addicts.
His stand was, to tackle the BIGGEST problem first ie the massive anak luar nikah spawning first, then tackle bout the behavior and social problems of the society.
-The Star, Thursday 1 April 2010

I have one thing to say. BULLSHIT.

This guy totally (to me) don't know what he's saying!
To rebut all his points, I have one point to crush em all.
Just imagine, if you are trying to finish all the cookies on the table at home, not wanting them to exist anymore there. No matter how many you eat, its just gonna come back as long as there are shops selling it, trucks delivering it, factories producing it and human heads who thought about it.
And even more will come when the house members found out it finishes quickly, they'll surely buy more, therefore you'll have to eat more to finish them.
To eliminate the problem, you have to go to the source, no matter how slow it is.
In this case, tackle the younger generations first, as they're the ones growing up and still able to be amended. For the current generation, they need to be shown hard, black-n-white evidence of the worst consequences of their obnoxious acts.

This has burned my spirit to be a teacher even more.

The blizzard causing a student-filled bus to crash down a bridge nearby Glasgow.
Floods all around.
Blazing heat and continuous rain, in weird orientation in Malaysia (Bangi, my place).
Haze covering the atmosphere.
So many environmental problems and issues and yet, we seem to say, "how's the day?" as if nothing is abnormal.
The thing is, many campaigns have been done to preserve and 'repair' the environment.
Go Green theme in many events eg GMi Open Day (my place again. hehe)
No Plastic Day every Saturday in supermarkets.
But I've seen some scenes that I think we need to do something to clear our heads, I mean, especially privately if we must.
Someone scolding the cashier over the loads of things he had to carry over to his car due to no plastic given to contain them. When told he must pay for the plastics, he got even mad. Lastly, I don't even know what happened coz I have dismissed myself away. But I saw what I have to.

Lets think about, what's in his head at that time, and what is so wrong about the whole plan of 'going Green'?

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ainazirah said...

today's society is getting weirder and weirder