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Asean Logics Kuala Lumpur 2010

What I will post here will be:
1. The experience I got there.
2. The issue and points I got there.

At GMi,
we were supposed to start moving to IIUM by 7am. But guess what? We started hitting the road at 8.30am!! Damn! I was so pissed off!!

start of the program. The first issue brought forth was an introduction of ASEAN. What is ASEAN? It is an organization of Asean countries, which currently their mission is to create a 1Asean Community, just like the EU. Speech given by Mr Haji Zafri, vice president of PEMBINA and Ms Rabiatul Adawiyah, vice President of UiTM SRC.
Further in the forum, they gave explanations of this mission in the perspectives of Islam and also IPT, focusing more on youths as pertaining to the Program's objective.
So many things I asked, all of which I see has so much contradiction and hindrance from the real world. (I'll explain the issue brought forth here in the 2nd part)

Then the second issue is more on the youths' perspective; how exactly they can attain the objective of Asean and what obstacles we face. The speakers were brother Ibrahim Sani, former debater of IIUM and Dr Farish A Noor, world renowned social scientist.
Their speech was totally excellent! Superb! Awesome!
They presented,
how to engage with the current status quo, what is our first step to achieve this 1Asean Community starting from school and later on, what quality is required to ensure we are able to accomplish our mission. He said, it is better if we had no experience ourselves, so that we will have more freedom to govern our field with more creativity. (by brother Ibrahim)
how the youths evolved over the years. He really described it from the very beginning of history like Syed Burhanuddin Al-Helmy and Yusuf Mustafa, till today. How exactly we, the current youths, mostly lost the burning spirit of 'youth movements' due to the 'youths culture'. Did you know, that youths are the sole reason/entity that causes Social Change? (by Dr Farish)
I tried to convey some things I think is crucial to complete the package they are giving us, but those delegates took our chances as participants to ask them! Like, they got a whole ten days before to do research and a whole hour after this to their own and they're taking our time? i was really frustrated!!

Then the third session was the presentation of results of research by the delegates.
Finally the closing speeches by the invited VIPs which one of them took almost an hour! lol I assumed most of us were sleeping off, even me!!

Finally, it was time to go home around 7pm. Tired, yeah. But I got valuable lessons too. Didnt go for Physics class that night. Unable to attend.huhu

1. When instilling unity into youths, the politicians seemed to do the opposite of this.
2. To start exposing the youths to beneficial social activities ie ASEAN stuffs during tertiary level is not so efficient, isn't it? I mean, it should start from the primary stage in other words, to change our ways of educating the students.
3. How exactly are we to determine our own paths when our very and only way to become what we want eg politicians are officiated or should I say, filtered by the politicians themselves. Whats with our very own Exam-Oriented System and not to mention all the entities taught to us during school, isn't it unfeasible to accomplish the objective?
4. Since Youth Culture negates the growth of Youth Movement, is it possible to synchronize the two of them, since we (youths) are already attached to it?
5. Never give a public speech more than 10 minutes. You won't achieve your goal.


rabiatul adawiyah said...

salam,bro muhammad.

i was searching for more info on asean logics when this entry appeared. Best of luck then!

p/s-i'm not the vice president, i am just the one of the exco/bureau..:)

EmberPen said...

oh, thank you very much. hehe
i like writing a report on every occasion i went.

ops! well, i like to make my own rectification to people around me. haha