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Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Too Complicated

I'm taking a very long look at life.




*after an eternity...

So many things that makes me feel like I want to commit suicide. I can't take it. Too heavy.

The Tanyalah Ustaz show has come up with a very thought-provoking issue; teens.
They discussed about the problems arising from teens, the relationship between them and their parents and their relationship with their friends. Yeah, the more the discussion prolonged, the more disturbing it gets for me. And why? Because I'm in the middle of it.

Only a few issues I will raise here.

1. Siblings problem.
Between siblings, there are somethings that the parents have to pay attention to. Equally treating them is one of the things.

2. Child nurturing.
In nurturing them, to teach them on the fundamentals of everything. Not suddenly saying "don't do that!" or "don't do this!" And I kinda feel (which is what I'm doing oppositely now to people younger than myself) that punishments, threats and stern teaching is not the best way, as I believe the long term effect will kick in dangerously in their life.

3. 'Warm'ing up.
If I can be very friendly and hostile to other children and cute+cuddly+adorable 'entities',...

Too bad, I'm not very strong when encountering this kind of issues.
Nevertheless, I'm working on it and I really appreciate it if help is offered.

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a.N.A said...

entities= cats ka????