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Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

English In Camp 2010, KISAS

This is one of the BEST event I've EVER participated as a facilitator!!! There were TONNES of things I've learnt throughout the program. Here they are:

Ok, so basically every facilitators will be in charge for a group of students. Yeah, my group is the Bougainvillea 4. In this group of 12 people (alright, at this stage we had to combine groups as there were not enough facilitators) we introduced ourselves. The details were simple things; name with a catchy adjective in front of it and school's name. I made it that simple.
Then I also made them repeat the circulation for three times with the third time with them repeating their other friends' names. Guess what?
This actually made the names stick in their head stronger. And to top it up, I challenged them to repeat everyone's names without reference to their papers. Whoa! Was it challenging!

To have a team is not complete without the motto and logo aite?
Here, I got to see some potential people. Gosh, they were fantastic! And my team used 'Steh auf' as their motto (from the German phrase "Get back up"). You guys ROCK!!

Make it a treasure hunt. Double the game area, double the fun. It was done in the park outside KISAS. It sure was tiring, but since I only sat in the Owl's Nest in the playground scouting the area, so it reduced my energy loss, till one boy thought I was loving enough and started sticking with me like we were best friends of all times. Man, it took me half an hour to get him away from me, considering he is just 3years old.

Speaking of teasing your brains, this game is sure one tricky teaser. Its a variety of sessions eg Spelling Bee and Line Joiner. Haha At this point, I was in charge of the Spelling Bee session and to this time, none of the teams managed to spell this one word correctly; Cantankerous. Good try though, people!!
After everything is finished, I got this pang to ask this final group a question; whats their ambitions and the reasons behind it. I guess it got one of them in the sensitive part, and I want to say sorry ok, if you're reading this.
But then, yeah, my intention is to remind everyone on what is their mission in the future. A clear future is something everyone needs.

Whoa!!! That place is one huge bright place!!! Full of lights and tourists.
In this place, we took the stage and proceeded with presentations from some representatives of these school children. One SAS boy was very energetic and he caught the crowd. Haha, nice one there.
Then, we had a photographic session for the PAPER!!! Yay, Im famous!!!!!
And guess what? I got to speak on the stage, with a mic, AND a whole crowd!! Whohohoa!!!!
Something I missed doing here which I kinda regret now... :(

Sale is up! Whos buying it??!!
These SBP students really know how to attract customers, from marriage scenes, pets impersonating and even TV ads mimicking. I'm very sure these memories will be etched in my head here for quite a long time. Congratz people!
It ended quite early, hence we played Bottle Game and Bomb2. They really got me on my toes, they were HEATING the hall, like, dramatically FAST!!! We totally had a whole lot of fun that time! And to those teams which died in the Bomb Game, they had to be reincarnated from the 'dead' to be punished with the Snell Move. Honestly, it was a cute thing to be done to be cute.

To all teenagers, students and especially SBP students who are reading my blog here, my tip/advice/quotation is:
Your life is always filled with choice. Choosing the right one is surely benefiting and making the wrong choice is tremendously chaotic for sure.
By the way, you also need these; structured plan, effort, commitment and belief.
Steh auf, wenn du am Boden bist!


fuza s.a said...

Assalamu'alaikum ya Muhammad.. :)
kaifa haaluka? wah..
macam best je saya dengar tentang kem tu? Asif lilghooyah xdapat join sekali.. Ada hal2 yg berlaku pada saat2 hari tu...
InsyaAllah jika ada rezki, saya akn join utk program yg lain k.. ;)
syukria2 ya muhammad!

nicJAKE (: said...

english in camp rock. ^^
thanks! i really enjoy it (:

a.N.A said...

wow.. congrats, although i just read ur story yet not participating...fuh...nice camp, bro!!.. was this camp oraganised specially for sbp students??? were you the 'HEAD' for this camp??? i bet it must full of excitment.. if i could ever join such camp.. maybe one day insyaAllah

a.N.A said...

salam.. muhammad u know farhan kamaluddin right?? he's my jr.. tak tahu nak ckp pe.. u posted about EIC in KISAS.. he did also.. with da pic..i just found his blog.. small world..... i'm surrounded by great people.. esp in debate.. n KISASIAN huh!^_^V harharharhar

(cerita sebenar:konon2 nak kenalkan korang since korang ade passion yg same.. tetibe lupa frhan kisas gak.. agak bengang di situ)-_-"

Anonymous said...

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