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Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Felda Residence Hot Spring, Sungkai, Perak

On 25th and 26th September 2010, I followed my family to this Resort in Perak.
Honestly speaking, I never expected the trip to be something enthralling. Especially when it is in Felda, it sounded a bit modest. But everything changed when I got there.
Everything was fantastic!!
1st, it really suited its name of Hot Spring, coz it has a spa village, a hot water wading lake and even most of the water that sprout out of the earth there is hot water!
And lets not forget of the pool. Man, it is not just normal pool, it is a mountain-water cool pool!! And the scene there was marvelous as well!
Now I'm gonna talk of the rooms. Did you know they're using a touch card instead of slot cards for the door and power activation?
It totally made me feel like a Kamen Rider! Whoa! Big imagination there.hehe
The room was cozy and nice. And I will say the price is affordable too. I mean, RM220 is quite a good deal, and that is during weekends.
Here are a few of many I want to share:
-there's wifi.
-the place is very close to nature and it is seriously natural.
-there's a huge field for any games.
-archery there costs RM5 for 10 arrows.(my favourite, heheh)
Finally, the service there is also warm. Its not always I see hotel workers smile pleasantly at me. =]

Anyone up for a holiday with their family? Head over to this place! InsyaAllah, you won't regret it.

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