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Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

To what extent does Beliefs need evidences?

It sounded like an IB essay title. In fact, it is. haha
I thought of posting it since it is something I find extremely interesting.
*this is 100% my opinions

To me, I believe that every Beliefs should require evidence(s) if that is what making people believing and accepting it. If it doesn't need evidence and majority of the society accepts the Belief, then evidence isn't needed.
However, people always demanded scientific proofs to accept things. Because most people will want to see and witness themselves the thing that makes a Belief being invented. What's the sentence?
"I want to see it for myself, with my very own two eyes."

Here is one element I will put earlier forward, as this will relate with most of what I will proceed explaining.

Allah has given us clear proofs and signs all around us, so that we will learn from them, but only those who observes will benefit from them.

From the Natural Science sect,
It is so scientific and 'natural'.
How would you explain the existence of Newton's Laws? And when Einstein made the Theory of Relativity and such theories with the likes of gravitational law, is there more to be falsifying them?
The processes of scientific methods are varied.
First, The Basic Scientific Method which is also referred to as Naive Induction made mostly by non-scientists. Basically done by observation.
Then theres Kuhl's Theory, and more weird theories.
To be honest, many things that they assumed 'right' here which I believe are not so accurate. Firstly, is that none are constantly accurate and precise. The natural world is constantly changing. But I believe that it shouldn't be that bad mostly. When generalization is done, then it should be correct. That is already obvious if they really observe.

Many Beliefs doesn't need evidences from experiments as it requires us to observe and think.
Example, when a dark cloud looms by, people are used to say that it is going to rain. That is very vague as that is affected by wind, humidity and also the capacity of the cloud itself. But what is accurate is that the dark cloud is packed full of water droplets and it will need to disperse it soon, only not known where and when.

First part over. And my cousins want to use this laptop.
Will be continued later.

But it is an intriguing thing to think, "What kind of people are called scientists? Those in labs?"
Einstein said, "Scientists are people with passion to explain."

Think about it.

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