Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Promo Diri~ lalala....

Peace be upon you, my friends.

Last Wednesday,

I went to KISAS to give a small dainty speech regarding our beloved juniors' essay-writing.

It was FUN!!

At first, I thought I might've, u know, throw up due to nervousness, or stammer,

but it went well alhamdulillah.

Da juniors were all very nice and inquisitive.

They asked many questions
(according to miss Rajesh, it's a golden opportunity for them to see da writer of da essays they've received, haha)

I gave my speech to 510 and 408.

Miss Rajesh wants me to do another speech, BIGGER this time, in front of da WHOLE batch!!


Guess I came at a perfect time to promote myself, haha


Annas Alias said...

huhu. bagus2 muhd. aku kagum ngan ko. bukan seme org boleh atasi nervousness diorg. and sori sbb xleh ikut, huhu.

EmberPen said...

thanx annas.
nvr mind that. its not a big deal anyway.haha

Saifullah [SwordOfAllah] said...

da tahu daaa...~~~~
do promote me lak,

look forward said...

memg promote diri,haha..
but its gud did..
sharing is loving..

syafiqq1991 said...

Use ur golden opportunity to help them wisely. Thank to your father teaching way!

Dont just give them the input but also to expand your confidence and skills.. I will always be at your back..

Send my regards to Miss Rajesh and Mdm Hema.. I wish the best of luck for you... Go for 505 student!!!

I will be happier, by chance, if can see my bosom buddy there.
(dont forget to ask for cert)

EmberPen said...

nah~ i rejected their offer to give me a cert.
i do it 4 fun dude~
sure, i'll make it ma best 2 b da best!