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Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Accident in the Eyes

Have you ever seen a driverless vehicle in motion on the road before? Here's a news for you all.

I was there to witness this extraordinary incident today, 30 June 09.
I was in my Kancil waiting in line to pick up my sister from school. It was 6.45pm and the road was full of cars.
Beside the school, there was a T-junction and I was exactly about to enter the intersection part.
Then, out of nowhere, a bus rolled down the road. The driver's door was open, and all of us can see that there was NO driver and it was doing about 30 km/h. Few students were in it and gaped, horrified. It was heading straight into the junction!
Without warning, it rammed into the Kelisa at the intersection, bounced back, and rammed into it again, which caused it to bump against an Alfredo.
Every witness there were screaming and pointing fingers to the scene. Panic started to rise.
Just at that moment, the driver showed up and took control of the bus.
It was quite a mess. The three vehicle owner took into their heads to solve the incident there and then, so they all parked aside to debate bout it.

And to think I was a car away from that Kelisa! How close!

The lessons I can unearth from this incident are:

1. NEVER leave your car purring unattended.
2. NEVER leave your car in Neutral mode on a slanting surface, unless you're really REALLY sure you are in full control over it.
3. ALWAYS beware of and study the behavior and attitude of other drivers around you. Take precautions.
4. ALWAYS put on your seatbelt.
5. NEVER play or make drastic movements in the car. You're not ready to brace yourself if anything happens.
6. PRAY (doa) directly after you enter the car, whether you're a passenger or the driver.

Drive safe, lives saved.

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