Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

Minds on Fire? Chill~

Peace be upon you, folks!
Now's the time where most students are gonna get all tingling and shaking, coz their exams (disregarding trial or exact exams) are just around the bends. Besides that, most of us who just passed this extraordinary phenomenon are facing a good time in Universities. And there are still some debates to be debated.

Hence, here are some tips and techniques to get yourselves perked up.
It's applicable for anything, I swear.

Wanna make someone else buy your talks or ideas?
Here's something!
Look into different angles. How to do it?
Ask questions. Observe. Draw n imagine the future of your ideas. How good is it? To whom is it good? Yadda3...

Think your head is ready for the "thing" you're about to tackle?
Make it personal and be ready physically and mentally.
Change your mindsets and make preps.

1. Two things you desired, but only one you can take/buy.
2. A problem to be solved, and there are many proposals in your hand. Which is to be implied?
Try making a simple comparison on it; the pros and cons.
The most effective way is to include a time line in your comparison.
Will the benefit last forever?
It brings a negative effect, but will there be a long-term positive effect after it?
If it brings both good and bad,will the benefits be significant enough to cover the negativeness?
Some questions you might consider to ponder.

Every path will lead to two ends; success and failure.
There will be nothing in between.
Then, someone questioned me, "What if there is?"
With a smile, allow me to explain the situation.
Our life will always be full of choice, so we will choose. Each choice will lead to different directions. In the end, it's either we fail or succeed based on our main objectives.
If we achieve it, yes we got it. If we don't, we don't get it.
It's all based on our objectives.
So, choose your ways wisely so there will not be regrets.

When you like something but someone else is against it, you will retort back in whatever way just to defend your belief, right?
So, why not put yourself in that person's position and find all the reasons possible to make you dislike what you liked. This is a very good practice when you're in a situation where you're to support something that you don't.
(especially in debates)

An easy and enjoyable way to get your brains moving is to keep putting those stuffs that are bothering you into your conversation, anywhere, anytime!
Discuss and get opinions so you'll get broader views and perceptions.
And it is a friendlier environment too, with friends.

It's good to be optimistic!!
Rather than think bad, try think positive all the time and see the difference.
It's fun, enjoyable, less head-cracking and soothing.

Now, for those who can't seem to adapt to any of these, try this final plan, and this is the final resort, mind you!
It is called, and I quote,
"Let's get up close and see what's gonna happen."
Sounds cool and mysterious isn't it? Haha
You'll be surprised just how mysterious and surprising it can be once you try it.

These few tips and techniques can be applied in any fields imaginable.
I actually focus on debaters in this section, but these techniques are applicable in any fields like I said before. Study, exams, leisure, decision-making, you name it.
Enjoy the thrill!!


syafiqq1991 said...

You make me proud of u.. Put more info so folks can widen their horizon here more... Which elements do meet my identity?

EmberPen said...

yup, i do make ppl proud.hehe
sure thing, i'll put LOTS of inputs!
er...what do u mean? elements meeting ur identity?
U can try em all, u know. But i think an exciting technique 4 u to try is changing hearts technique. haha
its tough but fun!