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Chemist in Progress

Mass Spectrum of Elements

I'm sitting in my room at the tenth floor doing nothing.
Suddenly, my tummy gave me a boost of inspiration to go and eat

I need to go out, so the door opened and I dashed to the lift
(door opened=acceleration)

Quickly, I searched for gerai Bro on the right wing of GMI hostel and head there
(setting direction=deflection)

I reached there and straightaway ordered a plate of nasi goreng pattaya and a glass of cold blackurrant juice
(reaching checkpoint=detection)

Different people (isotopes) wants to eat at different places (identity of isotopes)
So, the amount of people at the checkpoints, gerai is
Relative Abundance

Altogether, by calculating them, we'll get the average relative atomic mass of the substance.

Average = [(%xRAM) + (%xRAM) + (%xRAM)] / 100

RAM is also known as Ar.

My first lesson in Chemistry lab. Physical Chemistry.


ainazirah said...

an interesting chemistry-embedded story..

Nikki said...

kadang2 ana rasa perlu jadi lelaki.


EmberPen said...

thanx. well, me and my imagination. haha

nape plak? hahaha
chemistry is a mysterious thing. u never know whats gonna be at the next corner.