Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

*Factual Magics*

Did you know?
A fact that is crucial...




and holistically state-of-the-art?

Within ourselves, there are two entities that can promise us results that we don't even expect.
They are

is the things that we DO well naturally.
is the things that we LIKE to do naturally.

All of us have talents. All of us have motivation.
By actually combining these two, the results will be unexpectedly supreme.
It is what we call

For example,
Amber is talented in speaking.
His motivation is debating.
He goes around sparking conversation with anyone; friends or strangers, about many things as easy as snapping your finger.
That is what happens when he converges his talent of speaking with his motivation of debating.
A natural thing he likes to do and he does it well without anyone telling to do so.

do you get the concept here?
Its easy isn't it?

So, for your future, look for your motivated talents' ideal place to fit in ie your ideal future career.
Making a step does take you to a thousand destination.


ainazirah said...

My example:
Ai is not talented in speaking
but she's interested in debating (just interested.. haha)

So, what happens?
She ends up loving brainstorming.. haha~

EmberPen said...

when she is just interested, its gonna b a thing she like to do but not shes good at it naturally, rather it is unnatural.
nah~ debating is more than just brainstorming, sis...

ainazirah said...

so, I don't like debating (?) haha

I can consider a debate with rules..

but to have a free debate, where u can suddenly yell whatsoever.. it will be a no-no~

I hate conflicts. They give me headaches~

EmberPen said...

gee, aisyah, u actually dont really grasp da debate culture do u?
debating is definitely NOT alike arguing.
debate consist of more than just that, it is a CULLTURE! (as told by bro faiz from IIUM)

ainazirah said...

a culture is ok, where the knowledge-gaining process is happened, where u still retain all the values, etc...

the conflict that will give me headaches would be the ones which violate all the values (of course that will make me feel very2 sick~)

that's it

p/s: I can't stand yelling, it will make me whack them (if they're lucky) haha~