Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-


I just got something hard hitting my head lately:

1. That I finally gotta accept my blog is so not as oftenly visited as before. But u know what? I dont care, coz I write to express and inform, not to wait for comments (although it reflects whether we got interactions or not huhu)
2. I direly need a pair of sports shoes or I'm gonna suffer the pain due to friction with the floor when playing badminton n on the rough grass when playing rugby.
3. Jeans aren't so bad (1st impression is sooooooo strong u know!)
4. I have people, MANY of them, putting high hopes on me. They believed, so, I must believe as well.
5. ......I'm too bored and out of points to write anything else. Ciao!


cikdoktorfalsafah said...

i'm still here,
reading your post :)

well yeahh
believe in yourself in whatever you are going to do.
all the best.

a.N.A said...


EmberPen said...

yeah, thanx follower setia. i reeeeaaallly appreciate u.
thanx 4 da support too!

yeah, does it sound weird? coz of my posture?haha

syafiqq1991 said...

Muhd -- a rugby player???? ?????

ARe u sick or what???

EmberPen said...

no, im not sick.
it shows i am an adept. hahaha

syafiqq1991 said...

is that the mean to prove it?? too retarded.. lol..

a.N.A said...

not because of ur posture... just...
i'm still wondering about it... but life is always more than what we expect