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Malaysia's crime rate is on the rise. And with that, Malaysia's Gov has resolved a solution by...
Showing of force?

For the past few weeks upon returning home at Kelana Jaya, I cannot help but notice soooo many 'blues'; Police.
Showing of force, that's what my dad said. And my question was, why? What's the purpose, and is it effective?
My dad said, it hastens the authority (police, fire fighters, yadda3) to arrive on the scene / doing their job.
Although I feel that it is kind of a 'not-bad-kinda-solution', which acts as a hindrance for the criminals to show their hands, but I feel that this way is certainly giving more 'not-good' effects than the good ones. How?

1. It curbs the problem on the surface, but it doesn't prevent it from the root. I mean, c'mon, hindrance? How lame is that? Just avoid the 'noticeable' authorities, thats all. lolx
*something I learnt from the novel by Anthony Horowitz; Alex Rider the series, when it is easier to be noticed, it is also easier to be avoided*
2. It has the potential of giving the wrong perception to the comunity. Hello~we're talking bout the future generation here! By the status quo, we're actually giving them this message "to fight fire is by using fire" and also this "be an angel by day, and a devil by night, aka a hypocrite".
3. Pity those policemen for working outside their proper office, doing all those unnecessary around-the-clock-boring-sitting-by-the-sideroads.

Lets think bout it guys, coz we are next in line to take over this matter.


Serph said...

be an angel by day, a devil by night (or vice versa)..the sad truth of human population nowadays..

EmberPen said...

rite on there, bro.

dR. MuS said...

i say fear is good motivator :D