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~This is Me~

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Peace be upon you
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A post to do something I rarely do, to tell people abit of myself. I guess it's worth a shot to do something as a change.

I'm very passionate with my relationships (kins n society members) but I don't think I show it visibly or say so. please correct me if im wrong, dear friends
Hence, I always make sure others get the privilege of anything before I do. And I always worry of others when something isn't working out as planned for example. Also, I do always keep in touch with my friends bcoz y'all are my friends. I'm not very warm, but I'm loyal to say so myself.

Being diabolic and creating new theories n plans are my traits too. For anything I encounter in life, I always like to think of ways to improvise things. For example, I've thought of a way to dunk a ball in basketball eventhough we can't reach it (I dah boleh reach sbnrnye,hahaha), and it doesn't cost you excessive energy. And also a technique to score in 3sec in a basketball game from end to the other end of the court. Oh, and I used the word 'diabolic' for a certain reason which I can't tell here. Confront me later to know why OK.

I'm quiet. But, if you see me anytime being animated, yeah, I'm animated too. Bcoz I know what I'm excited for. If there's nothing to be excited about, I'm just the quiet ol' me.
This relates with my other characteristic, which is devoted. When I'm into something, I really devote myself for it. Organising an event for example, or maybe camping out.

Lastly, I like sharing, except one thing I won't share. My problems. Its true that friends are there to help us out, to lend a crying shoulder blablabla, but I stick to my principle, that is,
Everyone has their own problems. So, if I tell share my problems (which I think is not related with them) then I'm burdening others of something non of their business.

Now, since I'm exposed, I assume y'all can make preassumptions about me, or more known as making first impressions with more accuracy.
Relationships is a very large world to be explored. However, Life is an Open Secret. Explore.

ps: Do give building comments if you find something bothering you in this post.

[ bye kawan2 sume! ]


Terima kasih
Thank you

{ it's me! }


Nikki said...


you look better in roundneck.

EmberPen said...

its just coz ive made a deal with ya dat i wore it.
but it doesnt feel bad at all, now ive worn it.
thanx for implanting a new mindset in my head.

mrinca91 said...

muhamad lame tak jumpe ko
thanx comment blog aku
rajin2 komen blog aku

EmberPen said...

my pleasure. kita kan sahabat lg...hahaha

a.N.A said...


i thought that u r the tortoise which says bubye.. huhu.. it's ok la bro.... everybody has our own opinion... huhu.... sometimes, not only burdening others, but i found that sometimes it is hard to find the right person to story with... i think the best way is relying on HIM...always... i'm still trying to do so... everyone, lets do it together... problems is the way HE tests us.. to make us stronger!!!!!!!!!!!!!! strong!!!

thanks for the comments, friend