Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-


Suddenly last night, I was thinking back about my friends. How I first knew them. I chuckled to myself, cried, stared into the night, felt so....*unable to translate to words*
Here are some friends I'm thinking of (not included those I knew from my same schools):

-A guy from RMC. During HELP Debate, he approached me and asked about Aqil Kamaruddin (he's in the same competition with Aqil before). And during the ICRC Debate in UiTM this year, I got teamed up with him. What a coincidence!!
*now in Jordan

-A friend from MRSM Pendang. While I was queuing up to get lunch in IIUM Debate 07 (it was a loooong line), I tegur this girl queuing in front of me. From that point till we reached our seats, we had a good conversation.
*now in Matrix Gopeng

Amir Azfar
-After got beaten by his team from RMC in the 4th round of IIUM Debate 08, he became quite friendly with my team from KISAS. Me, being quite warm-hearted, started a good friendship with him.
*currently in UM

-During our SPM trial fever, I brought my Handy to my hostel (duh, bocor rahsia!) Then, a friend of mine used it to contact his friend I know not but I made a hypothesis I know that person. So, I tried contacting with that friend of his. Proved me wrong bcoz I dunno her yet. But through a series of conversations, we became friends. From SAM 10.
*now in a university not known to me (sorry...huhu)

-He adjudicated me during a round in the ICRC Debate this year! Then in IMU Debate this year as well in August, we debated against each other. My personal debate trainer.
*currently my senior in UiTM

-Met while I was going to the Bookfair this year at PWTC. She was with Afuza that time. Then, when I was in KLIA accompanying my friends to Middle East, she was there. Also from SAM 10.
*now in UiTM Kuantan

- A debater from STAR. Really awesome speaker. We met during IIUM Debate 08 (I didnt debate against his team that year) and we got closer since IIUM Debate 09 (we were trainers of our own schools' teams)
*currently in UiTM Penang

-From SHAMS. She first SMSed me and claimed she has a relative from KISAS. (that explains where she got my number) Now in form5. Well, never met but still friends through the phone.

-I was sharing a room with him during the ICRC Debate this year. He's a judge. Quite a nice fellow, simple and cool.
*now a senior in UTP

Mohammad Kamal
-He's from SMS Seremban (SASER). A debater, and I knew him when my school's Prefectorial Board came to his school. We exchanged experience about debates mostly but turns out we didn't meet for a battle in the IIUM Debate 08.
*now I've lost contact with him

I'm still in touch with them all (except Kamal, too bad). Well, isn't friendships weird, unique and unexpected?

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a.N.A said...

itchy again... i agree with u... friendship is unexpected and weird.. that makes a friendship unique.. like you said.... but what the most important are ukhwah fillah.. n how we appreciate the gift... we could learn smthing from friendships. assalamualaikum.. friendships mean forever