Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

TaG of A bOrEd bOy~

I'm still bored, friends......
So, i guess i wanna try and put up a tag here.
It'll burden me, but its better than nothin, aye?

1st question:
whats d difference between creative and innovative?

creative=thinking of miscellaneous ways to fly (nk g wak kanang, CC, etc).
innovative=trying new ways of escaping liqa' almulk.

2nd question:
which one r u and whats the proof?

em...i rather b a creative person.
i wanna find excuses in every set of rules to escape from it. (in Malay, we call it loyar buruk...huhu)

3rd question:
what r ur 5 best activities in life n y?

debating {it causes my adrenaline 2 surge throughout my body!! euphoria attack!!}
outing with friends doing great things {its d opposite of boring}
study things with pics n colors {pics n colors make my mind engaged with the story~}
hugging a person + ruffling a person's hair {aaaaahhh~ bliss~~so soothing....}
flirting (in a good way!!) {got frenz through this way u know! its networking, dont get it all wrong!!}

4th question:
whats in ur mind now?

am i really destined 2 b unique?

5th question:
what r u gonna do if ur almost dead bored?

cook n eat, if u succeed its gonna b a pleasure. if its a failure, at least uve just made a mess in the kitchen n get 2 clean it up.
find someone to suffer ur boredom as well. GIVE EM!!
play with water in the bathroom. hey, even grown ups do it!

6th question:
what r u gonna do rite after u get into ur tertiary institution? tell as much as u want.

make myself the most popular person in campus.
try out all the food served there (so that i can dcide whether i need 2 buy a supply of 'mi sedap' or not later)
open up my books n put my nose into it. time 2 study!!!
sleep in d fresh bunk of my new dorm (fresh ke?!)

7th question:
this tag is quite lame...
so, who r u gonna torture next with this booooring tag?

sorry, ma fwenz. didnt mean 2 but...
baihaqi, sajeedah, afiq, syarafina, syuk
may all feel d torture... kuahkuahkuahkuah!!!
(addition: ssape yg ada sindrom kebosanan-tahap-maut-gila boleh amik tag ni)


syara said...

peh..aku x b0ring..hehe..kebingungan kena tag,,hehe

syafiqq1991 said...

Few things u have to REcheck AGAIN a FEW TIME REPEATEDLY:

1. hugging a person + ruffling a person's hair
What is that????????

2. flirting (in a good way!!)
Who are the ********** gurlz??? (oopsssss)

I just can't accept ruffling a person' hair.. I can't figure out a situation where two men are meeting, hugging and flirting ..................... Better no to continue. lol..

Muhd here is not San Francisco..

EmberPen said...


hey2, i hug only certain ppl only eg my mom, dad, siblings, n some others who u dont need 2 know.
well, flirting is not only 2 gurlz! n y should u care bout whos the gurlz?!!
oh, fine. as if its gonna turn the tables if we do those


xboring? xpe...blh menambahkan lg warna idup dgn tag ni! hik3

syafiqq1991 said...

Muhd u r better to be in San Francisco.. It is a 'common' there.. hehehe
No JAIP, no MAIP.. kekeke

They still live in peace... They never choose to live. But they live to choose... (*E*)

syamilnazmi said...

Your post is quite controversy and will make some people outthere to think a lot of bad things to you....... and i am not sure whether i,ve seen this situataion in malasia

syafiqq1991 said...

heheh.. muhd jawab.. jawab syamil tu.. hehe.. I told u.. here is not S. Franc..

Emberpen said...

U havent?
Ok, its really quite too much more than my reality. I dont do those stuffs xcept to frenz i already have which i keep distance as well.
ur talking bout the flirting part? yeah, its weird, but honestly i do it, "in-a-good-way".

syafiqq1991 said...

I dont mind u do it to who.
Just wanna tell u a bad news. Read the hottest and the most controversial issue in San Francisco. Hehehe.. U can't have ur marriage there... U r late a few seconds..