Coretan Pemikiran

Nikmat yang paling berharga selepas Iman dan Islam, ialah sahabat yang soleh. -Umar alKhattab-

dUnNo Wat 2 SaY~~~

Hey, everyone.

This post is nothing more than a mere expression of emotions.

You see, I'm almost drowning in BOREDOM here, with almost nothing to do and nothing to indulge in.

Wanna go somewhere, I now have to think thrice whether it is worth it or not.

Wanna do sth, gotta think twice whether it is beneficial or vice versa.

Finally, sleep seems to be the last resort after playing with computer games doesn't kill the BOREDOM within.

Anyway, congrats to all who gotta start gearing your brains already.

I'm jealous you know.

I'm the one who is tingling till near-death to start my tertiary education, and you people gotta study first!

Whateva, this is the calm side of me.

If I didn't control myself, its gonna be worse than below:


BoSan AbiS!!

Ntah apa yg ana nk buat lg selain dok umah je

Dah tu, KwN2 sume nk Msk U skrg....
lagi la BoSan.
xDe Kwn



(me at home...)

So, yeah....

That's it though.

If anyone who have the knack of staying outside doing terrific jobs and activities, please DO invite me along.

Em, ok then. Ta-ta for now. Toodles.

Have a stupendous day ahead.


I rather die helping others than die of BOREDOM.


ainazirah said... 'bout this.. go & practise for ur open db8 ~~ haha

.:namakusab.: said...

siannye dia..
bosan tahap giga.
mcm isyah suggestkan tu..
bz kn dgn debate.

syafiqq1991 said...

Better u die alone as nobody want to see u dying. lolll...

Anonymous said...

dudok uma memang bosan.
ape kate blaja masak?

ainazirah said...

sajeedah.. emberPAN dh terer masak r.. haha~

AxL VoGa said...

la..bace la buku...
it's help a lot...

syara said...

bosan hang pi laa kacau 0rang.haha.

Annas Alias said...

bosan gi r jln2. haha.

m.shukri said...

bosan? men la dota...haha